I have a fashion conscience that ticks over time, so I always need to own up.

Mules are still VERY much on trend. This is what I said about them last year for me, although I generally like the look of refined mule :

"Aside from strappy, sky-scraping stilettos, I can’t think of a worse footwear style for my low volume feet. Mules fall off when you have low insteps, low arches, narrow and long toes, and boney feet. I used to develop foot cramp trying to keep them on. Walking up the stairs in mules was dreadful. Add that I’m a fast walker and it’s an absolute disaster. Mules fly off my feet, and make a hectic “clucking” sound when I stride. My feet pushed forward in the open-toed variety, making my toes sweep the ground. It was awful. I didn’t listen to my footwear needs back in my twenties, and simply suffered for fashion. Two and half decades later and I know better. I will not be wearing the shoe of the season".

This is still all true.

UNTILL I FOUND ENCLOSED MULES IN A NARROW SIZE. The Naturalizers are well made, very comfortable, enclose more of my feet, and are sufficiently narrow because I ordered them in a narrow size. As a result, they don't fall off my feet. A perfect fit. I'm going to wear them with dresses and my new jeans for starters. I love how pretty and refined they look. Lucky that they came in white.

You can find the RIGHT version of something eventually - especially when you stop looking for it. And I never give up on my fussy feet, because they don't give up on me.