Yay! I felt like you did about mules but, when returning the silver flats with chain ankles, I found some Naturalizer loafer mules in a rather distressed silver that fit well and followed me home. They make a great compliment with the Calvin Klein silver belt. If I needed, white, I would be ordering the ones you have. Great Find!

Wow, Joy. PERFECT.

Lisa p, navy sounds fab - although still dark. Sounds like you prefer dark shoes across the seasons. Maybe because of your new dark hair?

Marilyn, which mules are you a poster child for?

Jenn, regular mules tend to work very well for high arches and insteps, and wider feet. I think your feet that bill, no?

Elizabeth P, those look GREAT for you.

Shirley, give it a go.

Jussie, YES. Their femininity attracted me to them right away.

Angie, I have average width feet and average (not high) arches. I’m a pretty easy shoe fit...I just don’t much like the look of mules for myself. Not as bad as my poison eye for loafers, but not my favorite. The pair I had were a Mary Jane style, at a time when that was my go-to.

I have silver too - forgot about those. Wore them all the time last summer with light denim and white. I don't love light coloured shoes in general, now that I think about it. Never have, really. Not sure why. Pale grey, pale blue, those are ok, but white - no. Too short a season for them maybe.

I'm surprised that so many people are not fans of mules. Not every shoe has to tick off all the boxes , does it? I think they are really fun and interesting and different, and sexy !

Got it, Jenn. I'll wear loafers for you....

Lisa p, I like the look of mules too - I could never get them to fit until now, so bonus. Good that you remembered the silver, and I thought you had a pair of those actually. Unlike you, I've always worn white shoes, and wear white/cream shoes throughout the year. I had a problem in the '90s when 90% of footwear was black....

I was thinking about this ....and decided it's to do with contrast. I don't care for high contrast footwear -vis a vis the pants or jeans or skirts worn with. When I wear white jeans, there is no way I'm wearing black shoes, unless the shoe is open toed and shows a lot of skin and polished toes. Silver is my shoe solution there. I don't wear white or light bottoms enough to want light coloured shoes. And the same holds true for black bottoms, dark jeans etc - not going to wear high contrast shoes . Just cannot wrap my head around that look

I have a few pairs of mules that I really like. I don’t wear them much in winter, because I require socks for warmth. I am very Happy kicking up my mules when mud season ends and spring arrives.

Those are beautiful mules and will look wonderful styled with your new dresses and jeans. "Never say never."

Dang those are nice & very you

Yay for patience and perseverance! I like the look of mules on others, but sadly I have not yet found a pair that I am not afraid will fly off my feet. It may not be a rational fear, and I have high-volume feet, but grace is not my middle name, and I can be surprisingly clumsy.

I see this as a lesson in being patient for the 'right' mules to come along. I have similar foot issues to you, so mules do not fit my feet easily. However, if the right pair came along, I would definitely snap them up.

Ok, I might have to at least open my mind to the possibility of something like this. I had given up on mules because they aggravate my sciatica.

Lisa p, makes sense. You either like the high contrast or you don't. Got to go with what makes you feel fab.

Thanks ever so much, ladies. You're all sooooo nice. Also fun to have opened "the mule doors" to those who have the same foot issues as me. The right mules are out there.

hello ... these are so sleek and perfect for narrow feet - I am curious to know if one needs to size up in the narrow cut due to the pointy toe? what size are you in? thanks:-)

Welcome to mules territory, Angie! I am glad you found yours. Mules are fab and un-fussy when you have the right ones for your feet and needs.

Carla, I usually order the same regular size in the narrow width - (I have really long toes). For example, I usually wear a US6.5, and bought these in a US6.5N. Same size but different width.

Joyce B, YAY. I'm on Team Mules with you.

I love mules and wore them a lot last time around. Now I need an orthotic for my heel so need a closed shoe. (Yes I am jealous)

Welcome to team mules! Yours look like they were made for you Angie. I am not sure why I don't have mules problem on my fairly narrow feet, but they are my most frequently worn summer shoe.

Ohh! So pretty, and will be lovely with your dresses!

Fabulous - this gives me hope

Deb, rotten luck.

Jane, thank you. They feel fresh and on trend.

Jaime, I'm SURE you're wearing mules for narrow feet. Luck of the draw, and high five.

Yay, Caro. Great to see you, and fun to have given you mules hope.

I saw a street photo yesterday of someone wearing white Gucci mules, so I've officially changed my mind on white Need them.

Lisa p, you are a "Moody Sophisticate" to a tee...and crack me up. Love that you owned up.

Btw, white shoes are ALL OVER the catwalks. Since I've been wearing white shoes for 47 years, perhaps I inspired the trend

Those are sleek and classic yet modern and very you!

I like them in theory but haven’t worn them in years. I had a pair many years ago that were cognac suede flats and they were soooo comfortable, even though I have a tendency to walk out of them (a hazard of narrow, low-volume feet in this style). I tried some on last year but didn’t find the right fit and style. If the right pair at the right price came up, I would consider them. I like the idea of a metallic like these.

Hmm, I wouldn't have thought to try something in a narrow size! I have only one pair of mules that seems to fit OK, but I have low-volume feet too and may run into issues like yours the next time I try to find a pair of mules. I will keep this post in mind!

That is brilliant! I feel the same about mules and am going to copy your idea and try them in a narrow also. Fingers crossed they work as I really love the styling of the shoe (feminine) and I am hoping since they are by Naturalizer they will have enough support in the arch (I have a very high arch).

I have two pair and wear them more than I thought I would. I have one pair in snake and another black with a gold metal bar across the top. They're great spring/fall transition shoes when it's not warm enough for sandals and too hot for closed shoes. I also grab them in the summer when my pedicure is chipped and I'm too lazy to do a touch up. Very useful.

I've always liked mules, and these Naturlaizers are really fab! They just arrived and I'm already wearing them around the house (on this bright, snowy day). The Medium width works really well for my average foot -- much better than the less-secure Halogen ones I have from NAS. I was, however, surprised that they are alabaster (slight tint of gray) and not white. Not at all a deal-breaker for me, but may be for others. Thanks, Angie!

YAY, Murph11. They are gorgeous mules, aren't they. Definitely slightly alabaster. Enjoy.