The recent thread about the dominance of earth tones in retail is reflected in my wardrobe despite my favourite colours being clear colours. A recent purchase is this dress by Ulla Johnson that I bought on deep discount from a local store - hopefully this was not the case of sales goggles driving this purchase. The fabric is stunning, hand dyed and a beautiful cotton, the pictures do not do the dress justice. It is an easy dress to wear, perfect for my working from home lifestyle.

I don't see me wearing this dress in the height of summer, the fabric is too heavy for those days - but it is a dress that I can wear for most of the year because it allows for a variety of styling options, for Autumn, Winter, Spring and early Summer.

I wore it today and because it was a cool and sunny day wore it with a knit layered under the dress. I prefer the dress without an under layer, but did not feel like wearing a jacket today. These are some of the items in my wardrobe that I will wear with the dress to change things up.

I can see me getting a lot of wear from this dress as it hits the right note in terms of my working from home needs. I also love a dress with decent pockets!