Hi All

It is early autumn here - last week it was still hot (for us- 25 degrees C with nights in the teens) - this week cold overnight but warm during the day (23 degrees C). Suddenly the sandals are not appealing any more.

I have added a few new additions over the last ten days - and also started wearing a January addition for the first time.

I will put them into finds but they are all thrifted or by my designer friend. The older pieces have finds but not the three new thrifted items (highlighted) nor the pieces by my friend.

  1. Blogger copy cat (Signe from Useless). I wore this for some weekend work visiting a client and dropping off helicopter kit.
  2. New skirt made by friend - worn for Prizegiving with old olive jacket (five years) and blue tee (four years).

  3. New olive wide leg crops. Useful and casual for upcoming trip and weekend wear. Made by my friend. Worn with five year old blush top.
  4. Existing dress - repeat. Purchased early summer.
  5. A line skirt - 11 years old!! Worn with tee and sandals from this season.
  6. New thifted blouse - a true completer piece. Worn once already. It works with a couple of jackets and solo
  7. Instagram inspiration photo for 5. This is Signe - she has a simple edgy style that I do like - and I enjoy her youtube channel.
  8. Culottes and cardigan thrifted in January. Same old Mary Jane shoes from 2009. Worn to a work celebration lunch. Sorry about the coy pose - this was taken today in a rush.

  9. Same jeans and coat as 1. Blouse from two years ago and shoes from ten years ago. Worn to meet teachers at school. I didn't particularly like this outfit but I received a few compliments.
  10. New to me dress - thrifted. Not sure about this one....may be a donation to Hospice!!
  11. Recycle boutique (consignment) Trelise Cooper Skirt - from recycle boutique. Love this and will wear with simple black tee and sandals, or my white oxfords. Fun colour mix. Quite a statement.

A few questions:

  • Which of these best fit my bold, relaxed elegance style goals?
  • Does the white dress look like it might work - I am putting it aside til next summer and will evaluate then. I wonder if it is too Sally in 2010 for me? But Sally in 2010 was okay......
  • Why does my pseudo trench coat not sit right on me - how do others look good when layering?

We are off on our Italian adventure in a couple of days - I will update my packing list before we leave as whilst it has not changed markedly there have been some additions and subtractions.

Thanks in advance.

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