Angie’s post came out on Monday, one day after I attended my father-in-law’s 90th birthday dinner at his home. And while the post was really interesting and has brought out some deep thinking from several of you, I don’t feel the need myself to dig that deep about my own style. However, one point made did really resonate. I was brought up, like Angie, to show respect to a person by dressing up for events. I noticed that Helena ( Torontogirl) and Bijou said the same, which I think fits with what I have seen of their styles.
And I was musing anyway before I went to the party which had 24 people including FIL (90 that day) and MIL ( 84). I was remembering *his* FIL’s 90th in 1998 (so that’s MIL’s father, who died when he was 93). My children were 7,4 and 1.5 at the time, and I deliberately dressed them up, the 2 girls in pretty dresses and the wee boy aged 1.5 in a smart-looking top and shorts. And at the time I was horrified how down-market my SIL dressed her 4 children of similar ages. And that same SIL on Sunday night wore Crocs on her feet! She did wear a quite nice top and pants. I was wearing the pretty cobalt dress and sandals I had worn to my own daughter’s wedding.
In the intervening years I have given up a lot of beliefs I was brought up with, but it seems can’t let go of that one. But I’m afraid I am also something of a snob. Not always. I felt happy in what I wore but was also one of only about 4 more dressed-up women. My own daughter aged 27 wore a pretty top with jeans which she made look very nice and appropriate. Thoughts?