Fabulous outfit, Janet, and those boots...wow!!!! They are to die for... I've been searching for them the last half hour and they're out of stock

Gorgeous outfit—I spy texture, pattern, colour and shine. And what an amazing sofa/daybed you’re sitting on!

I’m with you on sheer black over sheer nude anytime, but especially winter, and especially for those of us who default to black footwear for bookending. Love the lacy black hosiery options DonnaF shared above. I have yet to wear a skirt or dress this holiday season; the weather has not been amenable!

Until I saw it, I would not have believed how much I am taken by the Black leather skirt-purple sheer blouse combination. A visceral reaction. Brilliant, and I love it. Elegant. Good for you. Glama84

In the fall, I saw the calendar filling up with concerts, dinners teas and parties so I checked out my glitz and glam and decided to fill out my clothes rack with some happy garments online and also from a local charity Thrift sale that include a lot of cruise items. In December I could hardly wait to wear my subtly bejeweled navy sweater with the V neck, the rusty red classic midi dress from Nordstrom's, the maxi silver-grey straight skirt with a sheen and it's lucky find, a sparkly silver-grey tank. One or two new items went unworn, but no regrets. We have a long season here. I learned early on to buy classic and out of season and it has saved me a bushel

You look gorgeous. I'm sure in the real moment your legs didn't show up so much--a combination of light, camera angle and contrast made you legs look so pale. In real life, everyone was looking at your gorgeous face, hair, that great top and skirt.

Good job of pulling together a memorable holiday outfit.

I bought a black velvet jacket on sale (RL) from Macys for the celebration and forgot to put it in the suitcase as I packed. You did much much better than I did.