Inspired by Liesbeth, I decided to wear my linen trench, perfect for our warm start to winter, a crazy max of 25C but cooler in the morning.

I paired it with my new denim bag. I don’t know why finding a denim bag has been so hard for me. I love denim accessories particularly denim shoes and bags. I saw a denim bag I liked 15 years ago and did not buy it and since then have wanted one, but of course have always looked back on the one I missed out on as the benchmark. Getting the right one has been hard, that elusive mix of casual yet elegant, interesting yet not overdone... but lucky me, this one is just right.

Jeans - Mother the Hustler jeans 2020 (with Covid lockdown probably close to 30 wears already)
Uniqlo blouse 2018
Boots old circa 2016
Linen Trench old circa 2014
New Denim bag - Emporio Armani 2020
Perfume - Chanel #5