Last year after decided I'd mainly wear neutrals and pants, I went nuts this spring with dresses, bright colors, and shoes. For so long dresses were too short or otherwise unsuitable. Then I got caught up in Boden fever. I bought the jacket, then dresses. Earlier I bought some Lauren Ralph Lauren Dresses and some denim jackets in colors.

This is show and tell and ask for advice. First, while weight has stayed same or gone up, in the last 3 or so years I have lost height. I've gone from just under 5'9" to around 5'7" first thing in morning. Upsetting, even though I knew it was likely to happen. Where did those 2" of flesh settle on my body? Around the belly, so now I deal with skinny rib cage, apple belly, and did I mention more weight on breasts?

There was a blog post a few months ago on the right to bare arms.

One result of the dress mania is that I have intensified work outs. I now have an almost belly of steel, but it's still out there and I hate most tunics. My arms have improved. Wanted to get a little bit of tan but it has been a cold, cloudy spring so haven't worn much sleepless. Legs are hopeless, veins, scars, but they still have a good shape, so the dreaded pantyhose or Air Stockings. I'm no longer afraid to bare my arms! But not at the conference.

Soon I will be presenting a paper at a history conference. Dress is business casual, but this group hews to a fairly modest standard. I've dressed conservatively on past panels. I will be on a panel on law and politics with 2 other attorneys, both male. I'm tired of being so conservative and want to liven it up a little. I'm not an academic and not looking for a job.

After the conference we will head to Disney World for a family vacation and lots of fun.

So what do you think of the Boden navy with orange polka dot dress with an peachy orange denim jacket for my presentation? Or should I go to the navy/white striped RLR dress with red or orange jacket. Should I go back to Giraffe dress with black topper? Or my old fall back, the Nik+Zoe cardi with black skirt and top? Or go crazy with new Maggy London dress? Whatever I take will go to Orlando with me. Unless there is a hurricane.

I'm thinking #3 for dinners out in Florida. Will have to do another post for the packing post.

I bought more dresses but are for a later post.

#1-4 Boden #4 is dress I might wear on panel with #5 jacket.
#5 Boden dress with Macy's denim jacket.
#6-7 RLR dress with red or orange denim
#8 giraffe dress Maggy London 3 yrs old.
#9 old standby NikZoe
#10 new Maggy London dress, on panel would wear with jacket.

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