I wear skirts and dresses more often than not, so this is my kind of challenge!

ETA: I totally forgot about part of the challenge rules. I was interrupted a lot when writing this post, so that's my excuse!

Tell us why you like to wear dresses, and the types of dresses that tickle your fancy.

I like to wear dresses because they're the single type of garment that can consistently flatter my shape with comfort in any kind of weather or temperature and (almost) any activity. Dresses can be cool and breezy in hot weather and can easily be layered in cold. A dress is a single-item outfit that only needs a few items to be complete. A dress doesn't come apart at the waist. Dresses are super easy for me to shop for, even online. (95% of the designs won't even fit, but the remaining 5% will be great.) Dresses can make me feel super pretty even when I'm exhausted or sad.

The types of dresses are always some variation of fit-and-flare, with waist emphasis. Occasionally the waist emphasis is a result of my shall-we-say-"lush" figure under a knit. Sometimes the waist is an Empire style. But it's always there. And the skirt is at least A-line, all the way up to as full as can be imagined. I also must have a "clean" waistline, particularly a smooth upper hip. Gathered skirts are very UNflattering. Elastic waists are usually a total no-go. Some pleated skirts, if they are very full, aren't bad. The best are totally smooth and flare out with gores. I prefer sleeves, but I've made my peace with sleeveless for the summer since I've found the Amazon dress with a flared skirt. For length, the best is just below the knee, but I'm not super picky. Since midi and tea lengths are back in style, I wear everything between maxi and 5" above the knee. I draw the line at true mini for summer, and only wear those in winter with leggings.

Saturday: I'm still not good at remembering to take "off day" photos, but this is my outfit for a rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding. I made the dress from a 1955 pattern, and there are two petticoats underneath. Also, picture for Status of the Hair. The longest layers are waist length when straight.

Sunday: This is morning wear for church. A good choice, since opening doors before the first service was warm work! I added a white shrug over it for when I was inside. Also a bonus picture of the day's updo, which stayed for the wedding.

I didn't get a picture of the outfit for the wedding itself; I was in a huge hurry to get out the door. I do have some videos of the dancing so I'll try to get a screencapture from then.

Monday: This was a pretty blah day. My hair, after two good days in a row, went on strike; I tried to wear it down, but it was flat and meh and didn't work with the dress. I like this dress most of the time, and I wore it because it was a cooler day (low 80s). But it didn't feel seasonal, and my lipstick color was drab, and my hair was practically invisible.

Tuesday: Course correction. Navy and white is usually too severe for me, but this top is the perfect shape and balance, and it looks really good paired with the full skirt. (It was still cool, so I knew it would be tolerable all day.) And I put my hair back up in the giant bun form, and wore bright orange-red lipstick. Felt much better!

Wednesday: Starting to warm up again. Another Amazon dress in a pretty colorful print. This is pretty heavy on the black, which is rare for me in warm weather. Paired with black 1940s repro "play" shoes, and a cream-colored Prairie Underground hoodie that's nearly as long as the dress. Hair up again, with light green flower. I don't want to feel in a rut with this hairstyle, but it's comfortable, easy, suitably dramatic, and stays all day!

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