Beautiful dress.Lovely colour and classic shape.You are very good at finding flattering dresses.

I'm with you on ventilating swoosh! Perfect way to be elegant, covered and still cool. Even better when the outfit is walkable.
Your beautiful dress is a joyful celebration with every step!

Oh my word, thanks for the awfully kind compliments, ladies. And you made me laugh. I'm blushing and smiling.

Suz, YAY. Fun to be dress triplets with Jane.

Lisa P, you can absolutely wear a dress like this, and here's how I doctored these sneakers:

Becky, like you, I enjoy dressing in a pragmatic way......with pearls.

Taylor, appreciate the professional hair comment. I'm enjoying the change.

Oh, another gorgeous dress-has a beautifull cut, love the pearls and sneaks together-and the unexpected pairing with citron! K2K!

I love this on you, both ways. Best accessory? Sam, of course.

Great dress! I like how you showed both stylings here and how easy it can be to go from dressed up to casual with just a few changes.

Holy cow!! Dress nirvana is getting more nirvana-esque with each passing day of the challenge, This can be a tricky silhouette with the knot in front and relatively low on the torso and you wear it with panache!

This challenge is so enjoyable that I'm already verklempt thinking that it will come to an end one day.

Wow, Angie, you look amazing in that dress! Those sneaks are perfect for your walking-centric lifestyle and look really smart with it, too.

I threw on my jersey midi dress Tuesday to try to participate in the challenge, but my legs felt too naked... I ripped off the dress faster than I had put it on!

Thanks, ladies.

Janet, Sam ups my style quotient.

Laura, the dress challenge doesn't have to end! Queen Dress rocks them year round. You crack me up.

Nemosmon, you crack me up too. Lets see the midi

I esp. love it with the tennies!

Thanks, Rachy. Those sneaks are the bomb. Where are you that it was 107F? Not in San Fran...

East Bay Hills. It’s the Crazy Microclimate Thing.

This is THE perfect dress for you Angie. Gorgeous how the scale of the patterns is just right for you, the colours and the silhouette - exquisite.

Lovely dress, Angie! You wear it well (as always)!

I think our climates have switched.

Rachy, WOW.

Katerina, that’s so gracious. Thank you. I wish I had another version of this dress...

Blue Jay, sorry to have stolen your weather. I love it!

You are knockimythe dress challenge out of the (dog) park. And your enviable weather! The last few days we were in Yellowstone National Park ( no internet) where it struggled to get above 60F for a few minutes, and we saw lots of snow. Some roads were still closed from winter. A puffer jacket layered over long sleeves and a tank with full length winter weight jeans felt good.
Anyway. You look so pretty and swishy.

Joy, you crack me up. GLAD you're out of the snow.

I like the slightly retro vibe of this dress, and how your haircut adds a lot of edge to the look. The "switcheroo" is so fun--changing out the bag and shoes is a great way to adapt to the day's events without having to do a complete change.

Angie, I am your dress almost-twin. I bought it in white earlier this year. Wore it with black leggings underneath to a concert and booties and i was SO comfortable. Great pick and I love how how styled it.

Wow this dress is just so pretty on you - I love it both ways. Your Furla bags work with everything!


Stella. YAY. Your outfit sounds fab. Love our dress.

Bijou, that's why I have a big and happy Furla family.

Perfect outfit if you ever feel like launching into a Dutch rendition of " America " from Westside Story !