On my way to a casual-festive event and decided to use Angie's inspiration. Double plaid, green and red (seasonal colours -- oh my! -- this is a tiny bit out of my comfort zone, I admit....) and bling again to bring in the shine.

BrieN's thread on side zip pants was a great one for me; Marilyn directed me to the Best. Pants. Ever. I was sooooooo lucky to snap these up. They were literally the last pair in my size pretty much anywhere (in Canada, at least..). There were none online and none in the Toronto stores or anywhere in the area in my size. The first SA told me they only had them in a 14. Miraculously, I discovered a pair in another part of the store, hiding under some other items, and in my own size. They told me these pants just flew off the shelves, and I can see why. I have Sloans (and even side zip Sloans) from other seasons but none are as nice as this. A really decent weight for my cold weather, nice but not excessive stretch, a smooth side zip, perfect full length on me (they are cropped on the model, of course). I bought them on Sunday and have already worn them 4 times. They're that great. I will keep my eye open for more Sloan side zips this winter in hopes they do a similar fabric in a different pattern.

The only reason I found myself in the store was Mr. Suz had his eye on the little military jacket that LisaP brought to our attention. (ha!) He thought (correctly) that it would make a long-lasting piece to use for presentations and such -- I like the idea of a bright near my face sometimes and this will travel well because it's a kind of ponte. I could not resist. Everything was 50% off, soo...

Plaid shirt and boots and bling from previous years. Thanks for inspiration, Angie!

ETA, you can't really see much of the shirt here, alas, but I may take off the jacket when I arrive. It is really cold here today and I need layers for now! But my hostess's house may be warmer. (Obviously I will be wearing a massive puffer, etc. for my trip there!)

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