I have been thinking about getting my ears pierced a second time (I already have one piercing). I am wondering about getting one ear pierced as opposed to both but may go with both simply because (1) my face and body are pretty symmetrical, so the balanced piercings will mimic already-existing symmetry; and (2) I have a high forehead, which makes my face look long, so an extra piercing on both sides will have the visual effect of "expanding" my facial width.

For those of you who have (or have had) double piercings:

Did you get one ear pierced only, or both?

Did you ever get tired of the double piercing and just revert to your single piercing and let the double piercing close up?

If you have both ears double pierced, does it look strange to wear a second earring in only one ear, if you should decide to go for an asymmetric look for the day?