Thanks, Aziraphale!

I called a couple of piercing parlors tonight, and the gal I spoke with at the one place said, "Are you in school?" I laughed and said that I was old, that I was forty. :^)

I don't even know what ear tunnels or cheek implants are, and I would like to keep it that way, ha ha. But I suppose I will see all manner of things when I eventually go in! I am going to wait until the weather is much better and I don't have stocking caps to contend with. I would be the type of person to rip the hat off and have the earring come with it!

Of the two parlors I called, one was about twenty dollars more expensive than the other, but the more expensive one sounded more like they thought piercing was serious business. When I called the cheaper one, they asked if I wanted to be pierced with a needle or with a gun. And I read some reviews online that were less than favorable about that place--not so much about the sanitation but about crooked piercings and poor-quality piercing jewelry. So I'll spend a bit of extra $$ and hopefully have a good experience.

Good luck, and have fun! I have a single lobe piercing in each ear, a tragus piercing on both sides, and a cartilage piercing on my right. So, asymmetric. I wear simple, silver hoops in the tragus and cartilage piercings and mix it up on the standard lobe ones. I used to wear my hair in a short pixie and I liked the feminine-with-edge look it gave (at least I thought so). I have grown my hair out so I imagine not many people notice the tragus/ cartiledge piercings anymore.