I'm another one from a climate where spring lasts about two weeks. But I do love spring fashion despite it! One thing I have learned from YLF is that if I see something I like in Feburary, I need to buy it, because it will be gone by the time it is warm enough to wear it. That way I make sure to get what I want.

I come alive at the beginning of every season (shopping and otherwise)! It's when the season drags on that I get antsy. There's nothing interesting in the shops (or everything is picked over), you're tired of wearing seasonal clothes, and you can't wait to move on to the next phase of the year.

This is true of the weather, too. In winter, I love the first breath of spring and the sweet-smelling cherry blossoms. By late May I'm looking forward to summer in full bloom. By late August I'm sick of all the dried-out grass, and the kids are getting squirrelly, and I'm counting the days until the crisp fall air and back-to-school (i.e. a routine!) mornings. By late fall, all the leaves are off the trees and it's all soggy and bleak, and I can't wait for Christmas, with the hope of a little snow to enhance the mood.

Yes definitely my favourite season - I can wear these clothes for about 8 months of the year because US / European spring weight clothes work perfectly for Australian winter and shoulder seasons. I find colour helps brighten my outlook on a cold day (well relatively cold - 15 degrees is deemed cold in my part of the world). These are great picks, there is so much to love! It is amazing what a refresh a few well chosen pieces can make.

I love new seasons. The clothes look so fresh. I am enjoying your excitement.
Where I live winter drags on and on. We have escaped for a couple of months for the last few years but I don't think we will continue doing that. That means I need to have a decent winter wardrobe. The lovely spring clothes you have shown would never get worn. Spring lasts for about one month if we are lucky.

I wish, wish I came alive at the idea of Spring. I do not. We have short Spring that is a prelude to a hot, humid Summer. Summer dressing is my biggest fashion challenge. I dread it.

Not just spring but every new season. I love nothing better than entering my favourite store and seeing fresh, new styles and colours, and neat and tidy, coordinated clothes rather than the higgeldy-piggeldy sales racks of preceding weeks. I probably won't be buying at this stage - just enjoying the show!

I like S/S shoes better than F/W - I don't like boots very much.

Otherwise, I'm indifferent to jeans being cropped instead of full length, pullovers made of cotton instead of wool, trench coats in place of peacoats...

Everything in finds look so fresh and cheery after long winter with mostly dark neutrals clothing choices. Spring clothes have much longer life in my wardrobe since they are more appropriate for the office and freezing AC than summer clothes. Bu I never realized that I have to shop for them so early. No wonder I had such a hard time building my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I love the idea that spring is coming, but in reality here we can't really put away winter gear until May.

I love Spring fashion, but it's my biggest spending pitfall. I'll snap up those fresh Spring looks in the substantial fabrics I love, wear them for our 2 weeks of Spring, then watch them languish throughout the hot, humid summer. Like Sterling, summer dressing is my biggest challenge--outdoors I'm hot and sticky and indoors I'm freezing in the AC, no matter how much I layer up. I never, ever feel comfortable or stylish in summer.

I'm enjoying your enthusiasm, Angie, and can easily picture you in the Dutch orange top from Anthropologie!

I love when spring fashion hits the stores because it gives me hope that winter will eventually end. Like several other Fabbers, my window to wear spring clothes is narrow--often two to four weeks--so I have to be careful not to overbuy even though I love spring colors and styles. I can extend the season by layering, and usually do, because I'm longing to switch over my wardrobe by early April, when it's still cold.

I need to shop because I have next to nothing for spring and summer, but more than enough for fall/winter. Last year I think I waited too long because I agree with the lack of quality of summer items and ended up buying only one item for the entire summer.

Gaaah I do Especially since finding one of my main style muses in Felicity Smoak. Eeee~I looove her clothes!

I normally don't shop this early in the season, but last month I bought a pair of Topshop flats. We've had an unusually cold and rainy winter here in the SF Bay--which still doesn't qualify as true winter, mind you--and I'm looking forward to the thaw. It's supposed to get as high as 77F next week!

Angie, your early spring pics on your blog post the other day are very inspirational. I do love all the colour. I'm looking forward to your shoe post.

Well, I'm still making some wintery things for myself, but I blame you entirely for the fact that I started browsing Spring footwear online and getting excited about several pairs of fab shoes!

I love your enthusiasm Angie and the way it rubs off on us all is what's fab about YLF. I'm loving all of your finds, especially the reds!

I just want Summer to get here. I'm cold!

Sandals had arrived in the shoe shop (!!) when I went in today...

I love bright colors and just purchased two clearance items from BR which will work for me for spring. One was the ruffle blouse that Angie purchased in tomato, that color was sold out for me. I am happy with the cream as I have some tomato pants from BR that will work , well hopefully I can get into them this spring my white jeans have not been worn this winter much as I feel they are too tight and are uncomfortable. I am thinking I need to replace them. I got a great deal on the blouses the cream one was $23 and the blue was $36 with shipping.
Spring footwear is a huge problem for me. I have fussy feet and when I wear ankle pants I like to have a small heel.
I generally don't buy too much for spring but this year I am on the lookout for bright colors, they lift my spirit. I am off to Buffalo next week for 5 days and then the UK for 6 days for my Mothers Memorial service, I am going to definitely take a few bright items and scarves my Mother LOVED color

You absolutely spoke from my heart, Angie, and for the very same reasons. Spring palettes suit my coloring best and I also have a need for coverage and structure. And just like you, I like to get first pick. I just have to be careful not to overdo it. So guess where I'll be Sunday while "everyone else" is watching the Super Bowl? It's the best time to go. I'll have the racks to myself!

I yearn for the start of September, when with autumn/winter things come out and all the lookbooks are cosy and windy: muted berry colours, grey tweedy trousers, big-lapelled cloth coats, layered silk knits, tailoring.

I tend to panic when shopping March-July and the shops only seem to have neon sleeveless vests. Ack!

You have shared some delightful items. Especially the footwear

I'll be honest, I'm more of a fall/winter shopper. Sweaters, jackets, cords, and boots are what really set my heart a-flutter. When it comes to shorts and sundresses and breezy tops, I really have to scrounge to find ones I love. Plus, I've spent most of my summers either backpacking or doing farm work and trail maintenance, which limits my need for fashion clothes in the summer months. As long as I have one or two dressy options that I can pull out for the inevitable weddings, I'm all set. My spring/summer wishlist this year is very small: one or two knee-length dresses, a linen skirt, and a linen buttondown with short sleeves. A cute sunhat would be nice too.

Just came back from a 3 week trip to Palm Springs and Hawaii, so I already added a lot to my spring wardrobe. Found the cutest Kate Spade purse and slip- on sneaks in bright colors. I adore Kate Spade.

Love the shoes! Looking forward to getting some bright colored slip-on sneakers and some fun flats.