I am all over the spring toppers but so far nothing special. I like the band denim jacket in your finds. It reminds me, not sure why? except that it's unusual, of my Marc Jacobs denim doublet/fencing jacket. I love how there is just nothing else like it. I love both spring and fall shopping. Fall is my predominant season but spring is my favorite season. Who can resist the allure of cherry and dogwood trees, flowers, freshly mown grass....yum. Plus I hate being cold!! So enjoy all your gorgeous choices. Can't wait to see what makes the cut!! I'll be on spring topper hunt with you!!

My fav time to shop too. In my milder climate do not get a lot of wear out of winter wear, except a couple of trips to snow. The earlier spring stuff is more year round for me so is when I buy the most. Footewear that is not boots or sandals, toppers like blazers, white jeans that get worn year round, but mostly spring and early summer, etc. are on my list to start getting NOW.

I feel this way about heading into Autumn:). I do love Spring, but I'm a winter girl and seeing the heavier, warmer styles and new layering opportunities coming into the stores has me giddy!

Spring clothes don't usually appeal to me all that much -- except if there's some sort of nautical style involved. BUT I am on the lookout for a classic feeling topper this year. Something like a trench weight, but without all the epaulets and double breasting. If anybody gets a lead on such a thing, I'd love to know.

And Angie, I love this post for all your picks -- especially those reds. Not the colors I usually think of for spring. And I love it!

Angie, if you need to move to warmer weather, PM me and I'll let you know where you can wear lots of hot weather clothes. And cold weather clothes. We have either very hot or very cold weather. The transition between the two is so fast you could get whiplash.

Lisap, you’re right. I’m a complete colour gal and that’s part of what attracts me to Spring merchandise. With the exception of Club Monaco, I walk into or browse neutral retailers online like Emerson Frye, Everlane or Kit & Ace and I can’t find anything that I want. I’m glad those retailers exist for others though. I really am! Just like I’m grateful there is colour for me.

Sarah, Jules and Columbine, looks like Spring 2016 footwear is going to be GREAT for fussy feet.

Ginger, exactly!

Rachy, I’m sure Spring stuff has hit stores in your neck of the woods. Take Lilypup for a long stroll.

Torontogirl, great strategy.

Secret Squirrel, you swap out your bed linen to match the seasons? Interesting! Ours is white year round.

Viva, sounds like you will wear Spring and Summer items a lot this year. I hear you on non-leather shoes, but I SO love the idea of it. I’m keeping an open mind about vegan shoes, plus I don’t get hot feet so I’m hopeful.

Gryffin, there are quite a few longer length blazers in at the moment. Stock up! Bonnie just bought one from Anthro.

High five, always trying. MUST GET WHITE JEANS NOW. Sizes disappear before Summer and they generally don't restock.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, Debs. We need to swap climates.

Zoe, have you seen the tomato red trench at Ann Taylor? It’s a top pick. I kind of want it too.

JAilleen, I'll gladly take the hot - I'm a tropical girl - but would prefer to give the cold a miss. I'm okay with never seeing snow again.

I love, love, love Spring fashions too but I have to be careful not to get carried away. Once in a while we have a nice long Spring, but often it's a "blink and you'll miss it " interlude between the parka and the sandals. Having said that I must confess to 5 ( yikes! ) spring/ summer purchases, bought with some Christmas money - 3 linen blend sweaters, a wild tomato red peasant blouse, and a pair of tan ghillie tie flats. I can stretch the season a bit by wearing the sweaters as layers under a light blazer. That's my plan anyway :-). And the shoes replace an ancient pair of espadrilles that I've glued together once too often.
You're so right about the selection this time of year - I checked in the stores a couple of days ago and all but the ghillie flats are sold out. It does seem a bit counterintuitive to shop Spring when there's snow on the ground, but if that's when the stock is fresh then what else can we do?

Angie: Is that the banded one they call "Fire Glow Orange"? Or is it something else?
Have you seen it in person? The comments suggest it is sort of baloon-y in back. I prefer a slightly more fitted shape, but maybe those comments are incorrect?

No, Zoe. The comments are right. It's a cocoon shape. YES, I have seen it in person and it's a top pick. Gorgeous fabric. Photo does not do it justice.

Missvee, you DO have to get in there fast because the best stuff sells out while it's Winter outside. I LOVE this Summer blouse - and shan't be able to wear it for a while in Seattle (because I don't want to cover it up with layers). But it WILL be gone in my size if I don't snap it up soon. Dilemmas...

I like spring fashions and reliably being able to wear a third piece jacket or blazer without the need for fourth, fifth and sixth items.

YES! (But you knew that.)

Hmm thanks for the reminder about white jeans and how they don't get restocked, I always forget that. I have been holding off looking at new merch due to severe budget restrictions + need to fill a few more winter holes. But white jeans are an essential need for my wardrobe so I really should find a way to get that rolling ASAP. I'm hoping for an ankle skinny and kick/straight crop pair at minimum ... and maybe a flared pair later on.

(I hearted, like, half of your Finds there )

Angie, I so wish that blouse was available in a different colorway, I love it but it's too similar to my lace peplum blouse from Anthropologie that I wore in this post: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....peplum-top

You make some good points about early spring being a different beast from late spring--that said, I don't feel as inspired by early spring type stuff because spring is a relatively short season here

UmmLila, i et you're sock of those Winter layers. I would be.

Aida, YES. High five to my little style sister (LSS for short in future)! I just purchased two pairs of cropped white jeans, which I will wear right away since I wear white jeans year round. They are both at alternations at the moment. Waistbands need adjustment, and I'm already in the smallest size. Those styles run big this season. I guess we need to applaud the designers for giving us more room in white jeans.

WOW, Crazyone. That lace peplum top is Killer Sensational on you. You were MADE to wear that silhouette.

Thanks for the info, Angie.

Hah LSS should save us some valuable keystrokes ^^ Thanks for the jeans picks and the heads up that they run bigger, will check them out as soon as I can! Are the CEs the same as the blue pair from NAS size-wise?

Hi Angie.

Winter came here too late so I'm not ready for the new season just yet. Spring will be here before you know it.

It's amazing how many of the pieces I already have, like the silver block shoes with the ankle strap, the red sleeveless asymmetrical top, and possibly the shrunken mock neck which may not fit me anymore. I am excited to see color too.

Angie, you said the C/E are running big this season, did you get these white ones in the same size as the light blue denim ones? No reason for asking.... :). They just happen to be about my best fitting and fav jeans....

LOVE the selection you've posted. In the past, spring has been the season I've endured, clothes wise, as I've always felt stuck. I guess our spring wasn't long enough to bother buying for, or I wasn't remotely interested in spring clothes until it was upon us (and the clothes were long gone). I have filled this hole a bit in last few years, but being actually INTERESTED in spring clothes is a new phenomenon for me. I do have to be careful, as it's a short season. But our summer evenings are cool, so things like linen sweaters and light weight toppers are good for quite a while.

Resistance is futile...

Angie I absolutely love these looks. Coming back to look more and comment. Note to self must buy red top!

No, not at all. I kind of crumple! I come alive when Fall and Winter things hit...I dream of sweaters and layering up. I feel cheated by this overly warm winter.

But...I will take a good look at your suggestions later and see if I can find some things to boost my hot weather wardrobe. Hey, here's an idea...move to the South East! You can buy as much hot weather stuff as you want, and help me in person.

Aida and Elizabeth, YES. The white CE crops are the same style as our blue pair, although the waistband seems wider in the same size (at least that was my experience). GREAT fit on the thighs. And you can hack some length off if you want to.

I think that a lot of our SUMMER clothing needs can be fulfilled by shopping early Spring (Feb to April). Unless you are into casual short shorts, tees and beachwear as daily attire. Remember that by the time you are ready to wear Summer wear, the good stuff is gone.

Naz, I want to see those silver shoes.

Debbie, this is your year for red.

My pleasure, Zoe.

Peri, or you can come live in Seattle. It's a very happening city. Expensive though.

Late to the thread but here I am to enjoy the coming spring fashion with you Angie! I love all of your picks and actually did a massive clear out of my closet to see what is going on with my warmer weather stuff. You know, you would love the weather here :-)!

Spring is my toughest shopping season. I cannot imagine warm weather clothing when I am up to my eyebrows in wool! I don't shop till I need spring stuff and then it's too late.

This month is the exception. I am 700 miles further south than normal.
I am 5 miles from a mall. I picked up an AT navy tweed jacket, the WHBM navy drape top (Angie pick) and jeans to go with both, The best part.... I am WEARING these clothes now!

Granted I will go home again and get back into wool. As my own weather warms up, I will have spring again! Maybe next year I will get the hang of Spring shopping while I am freezing.

Hmm I definitely find it tougher to shop for fall/winter clothes in summer than shopping for spring/summer in winter!

I'm still feeling sulky that we haven't had a proper winter in this part of the country. I love, LOVE fall and winter fashion.

Warm weather style has never given me the same delight, but I think I might have just figured out why, thanks to your blog post today. This is what I wrote:

" Usually, by the time I’m thinking about warm weather clothes, it’s already late spring or early summer, and most of the available clothes options are flimsy and beachy casual.
Sounds like I just need to shop earlier in the season. Such an obvious answer but one I never really thought about. *thud* Thanks!"

Such an a-HA moment!

Oh, I love spring clothes. The navy and white -- it gets me every time. I do have to be careful, because our season is ultra short. I've learned that what I really need are winter weight clothes in spring tones (navy, white, pale blue, for me). My pale blue cashmere sweater from J. Crew is a February/ March staple now.

I so wish I lived in your climate, Angie -- I'd be wearing trans-seasonal clothes all the time. On my recent trip to Victoria I got to wear so many items that have hardly had any play this season in my regular life.

My summers are too hot for these spring items. I need to wait for full summer to buy for my real needs.

I could have written what Suz posted. I am chomping at the bit to shop for summer. We go from very cold to very hot most years with no spring in which to wear transitional items. Like Suz, I've learned to look for warm wooly items in spring colors...and start wearing them now to get in 6 weeks or so of wear before the heat hits.

Haha. No, springtime fashion isn't my thing. What gets my pulse racing? Early fall: tweeds, brown leather, boots, cashmere... Now we're talking my language.

I have to say, though, that some of your choices made my heart skip a beat. Those pale blue oxfords and pale blue chunky heeled shoes are adorable. Too I'd have to work too hard to fit pale blue into my existing wardrobe. Those Cole Haan Barton oxfords are a riff on the beloved clergerie Jam oxfords (see below) that make me swoon.

I have fussy feet and am thrilled to see the end of the unchallenged rule of the 5" stiletto. For a while it seemed as tho' teetering heels were all that were for sale (I exaggerate... but you get my point).

Too cash-strapped to shop for a while but so so so enjoying looking at everything and vicariously savouring your pleasure, ladies.


I took a stroll through the mall yesterday and nothing screamed at me. I did order some Banana Republic flair, though. They come on petite and hope the shorter length works. My Anthro pair are now too big.