October was my closet edit month and I have taken to this challenge with gusto. It was well overdue and I feel wonderful looking in my closet and seeing only items I want to wear.

However, there were two workhorses that needed to be removed because I had completely worn them out. These were two
pairs of shoes the second gold sandal below and some gold sneakers (below).

I have 'replaced' my flat gold sandals with the lace up (first find below) - but as I often find with replacements of a beloved item, it just does not have the same appeal as the original. The lace ups will be worn a lot because flat comfy summer sandals are a wardrobe essential and perfect pairs that combine good looks and comfort (the sort of 5,000 step comfort) can be hard to find. These are fine, but just do not spark joy like their predecessors.

With the gold sneakers, I don't think I am likely to find a perfect replacement and now wonder if it is even worth trying. Should I just move onto something completely different despite the old gold sneakers being such a great fit in my wardrobe? Maybe Western boots for example?

What is your strategy for replacing a worn-out workhorse? To try and replace it with something as close to the original as possible or do you move onto a new and different style?