I think it’s not replacing precisely, but finding something similar. I have a pair of black, strappy Clergerie sandals that fit almost every summer occasion. It’s unfortunate that a few of those occasions involved things like hiking through Bedouin camps and Roman ruins, and I therefore really need a replacement. But nothing’s good enough .... waaaa!

I almost always have to move on to something different because if I've worn something so much it's used up, I'm kind of over it, and it's hard to duplicate that perfect merger of practical and delightful with something so familiar.

I like to think that some change keeps my appearance fresh for everyone who sees me often and I like the challenge of finding the new puzzle piece.

Interesting as I have had a few worn out workhorses too (those poor horses!)

I can see why these were super useful for you.....and I know the feeling of having a gap.

I am rarely duplicator - I just don't quite have it in me. There are a few exceptions. Like Jenni and others said by the time it comes to duplication I rarely could find the exact same piece. I am not thinking about it because often one is enough until suddenly you don't even have one.....

I think you can look at where and how you wore the sandals eg with these four dresses on weekend or travel days you need to walk alot. And then look for something that fills that role - if not exactly but close.

In my case I have worn out peeptoe sandal boots - they are hanging on but only just. I contemplated replacing with similar ones - that are readily available. But in my case, I enjoyed these because I was relatively early in on the trend.....I feel now it is tail end but still very current. The trendy item would be slides or mules - but I have one pair of slides and mules were a marginal call - I wanted a heel and like to show my toes in summer at times. And my other new shoes were cream perforated oxfords. So I decided on chunky tan sandals. They are definitely October- March shoes (six months) whereas the sandal boots were maybe September-May shoes - but I can deal with that.

Ummlila, sorry to hear that your perfect sandals are close to the end of their life...they sound gorgeous.

Sal I like you philosophy if replacing the function but not looking for an exact copy of the original - it makes perfect sense.

Fashintern - you are right, I do like adding new and different pieces to my eclectic wardrobe, so maybe I have done the sneakers with everything look and it is time for me to move on. White western boots sound fun!

This is a very hard thing, I often do it consciously and then it happened to me, will not work as a workhorse anymore...we sometimes ar not really aware that our personality and body is changing, and other items are wearing out, too. Not to speak about fashion, moods, age and coloring….so much to consider.