Hi all

These are my latest DIY shibori tie dye attempts.

I tried dyeing some tees in an oxblood colour. For oxblood, I used the RIT dye formula “opera”.

I dyed 3 t-shirts in the same dye bath. The tees were different colours to start with, so that affects the colour of the final product.

Pics 1-4. Pink t-shirt in oxblood. It turned out a pink-brown colour. I liked this and wore it straight away.

Pics 5-8. Green t-shirt in oxblood. I wanted to recreate the look of bronze or copper with a green patina. Yeah, right. When I unwrapped it, the green stripes looked a little strange and I wasn’t happy with it. But then I washed it without the ties. The oxblood colour bled into the green stripes and softened them. It looks like faded copper now. I love it! It goes with my Brunello Cucinelli skirt and several other skirts too.

Pics 9-11. An attempt at a pole wrap shibori, without using a pole. I use a front loader washing machine to do my tie dyeing so poles are a no go. I did a work around involving lots of scrunching and tying. You are supposed to end up with a feathered pattern. There are hints of it in my version, but basically the work around did not work. I still quite like it and have worn it already with the floral skirt. I’m into blur patterns. This one looks like storm clouds to me.

Pics 12-25. I dyed 2 white tees a warm (caramel) taupe colour. I did both a diagonal and horizontal pattern. (This time I was careful and I managed to get the horizontal lines straight.) The colour came out much more yellow than I expected. I tried to correct the colour by adding more taupe and tan but they are still quite yellow. A kind of greenish-gold or dark mustard colour. Not a great face colour for me. But they actually go with several of my skirts and even one pair of shorts. I have worn one already, as shown here.

I plan to try some more patterns on the weekend. It’s a good distraction from world events. I will post a Part 3 if people are still interested.

Your thoughts welcome.

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