I went to a conference in the weekend. It was a long day and I got ready in a rush (but did check the mirror at the start of the day and again at lunch time) and I felt good in an outfit I have worn before (see below with the addition of a tan belt and a lanyard).

But then about 4.30pm we had a team photo - and boy do I look dishevelled. My hair needed a brush, my shirt is not neatly tucked and looks creased, and the jeans are looking that bit saggy around the knees etc.. I had been a bit hot at times so the makeup has worn off. And I look tired and tall and wide compared to a lot of long distance runners in the group who are very slight and narrow.

I often feel like I look good in the mirror (or good enough) but in these types of photos (which I need to do because of my position) I feel disappointed.

What are your tips and tricks to look half way decent for these moments - I have a few occasions where this happens and I want to look a bit better. Do you go and touch up your hair, shirt, lipstick etc before these candid photos - I don't even think about doing this which maybe is the problem?

These photos go on social media for the sports organisation and for our business - I am sure I can do better!!