Thank you! I am on instagram and will check out thechristinebuzan.

I have another event tonight where this is likely to happen - this time I have a change of clothes at work and a hairbrush in my bag!!

I'm also sometimes in pictures on my workplace's social media and there were a few I wasn't super happy with. If I know in advance it will happen I take care not to wear specific clothing I have which I know looks good IRL but doesn't always translate as well in photos. I also try, if possible, to schedule a haircut shortly beforehand. If my pixie is slightly grown out there's a much bigger chance of it looking off on the day. Of course that doesn't work for all occasions...

I actually take this whole being photographed factor into account when dressing to go to certain events, even though they’re casual. Art openings are notorious for this, and I have some pics where I’m ok with how I look (so many candid shots, eek!), and others are just terrible, to the point where I swore I’d never wear a particular garment again, even though I felt fine in it at the time. So disheartening.

The event went well - we did get photographed (and videoed) and it on social media. Happy to share if you DM me. I wore the below outfit (top tucked not tied) - it felt appropriate and relatively flattering. I could have kept my chin up but in general I was much happier.

The good news - we are a finalist in some business awards so off to a black tie gala dinner in November where there will be more photos!!

Well done!
Online photos are such a small representation of who we really are.

Sal, congratulations on both counts! Feeling better in the most recent outfit (which looks fab!) and also on being a finalist!

Oh! Those group pics at the end of the day can be a mare

I've found that a quick swipe of lip treatment, pulling your outfit straight, and running a brush through your hair helps quite a bit.

Sal, GLAD you felt better in your outfit more recently, and CONGRATS!! I'd love to see the video

Wooohoooo! What are you wearing to the back tie gala event?