Liz, your follow up comment is my view:

"I'm not really a person who tracks a sale price either. I normally just comparison shop heavily at the time that I need something, buy it for the best price available, and move on. But I do find it very bad form that the new fall items have gone on sale again for less than the NAS price prior to fall even starting. Any other sale would not bother me nearly as much."

Disclaimer: I like Nordstrom, shop their various sites/stores (mothership, Rack, Haute Look), appreciate their CS.

BUT: I've never been a big NAS shopper as I hate to tie my clothing budget up 3-4 months in advance (~ 2 is ok) for a season I like dressing for, but overall dislike. I tend to buy a couple of items that are extremely trans-seasonal (lightweight silks, sleeveless dresses etc).

Until last year, it never *occurred* to me Nordstrom would discount NAS items at or greater than NAS prices before fall was really underway. I discovered that when I went to write a review of a splurge-for-me item and found it 60% off in late September. Luckily my size had circled back in stock and CS gave me the adjustment.

1) So now I just wishlist NAS and other items and check in every now and again to see if something's in stock at a price that works for me. For kicks I had a super-spendy NAS suit on my list this year (figured I might buy if it dropped to 80% down the road) and it too hit 50% off -- and it's clearly a cooler-temp suit. So I feel for everyone, but especially those who bought bigger ticket items!

2) I always thought Neiman Marcus (and even their Last Call outlet), Bloomingdales etc was out of my budget but in searching for an event dress I found they're actually very competitive pricewise with Nordstrom and often have fantastic deals on current season merch. [Same for Saks but they pissed me off years ago with a return situation so I won't give them my money.] Plus if you have an American Express you can use Shoprunner for free 2-day shipping/free return (you don't have to pay with the AmEx).

I posted my thoughts on the other thread, so I won't do so here. I think everyone who is upset at post NAS reductions ought to follow Vix's strategy.

NAS is a marketing tool, not a customer service. If Nordstroms' pricing strategy bugs you, it might be less frustrating to do as Vix does and wait until you see if a post NAS price makes more sense to you.

I suspect many people will do just that in the future, Gaylene. I know this practice Nordstrom has adopted will make me less likely to drop a lot of money at NAS from here on out.

I had to come back to say that I am quite pleased- I had an online chat with a CS Rep and she gave me credit for the difference on all 4 items, no questions asked. (She just needed order numbers.) Two pieces were just that necklace so only $8 each but the jacket was a $50 credit and the top was $65 so that was worth 10 minutes of my time. I told her that I would certainly be spending the credit at fact I already have (and then some) with the pants and shoes I ordered yesterday!

So I'm glad I vented here but even more glad that I contacted them. I'm impressed!

Mostly I try to focus on checking oug those items that might be HEWIs of outfit- makers, in my size for a fair-to-me price and not sweat an extra $10 discount
I've not even got a Nordstrom card so I don't get early access !
I WAS surprised, as per Liz, at things going on deeper sale well before Labor Day. It's a bit more off - putting than, say, October.
It sounds as if I could get a price adjustment, but may not have the energy.

My take is that the NAS items, lets exclude some of the high end designers from this, are now quickly and cheaply made just for the sale. Once it's over they are marking down those to get them out

I see a marked difference in the quality and selection of NAS items now and in years past. It's a different game in 2016 than t was a few years ago
went to the sale there was nothing that was worth buying that looked
Nordstrom worthy

This is just my view

totally agree Chadya- a lot of NAS is made specifically for the sale by designers and of inferior quality than their typical products. I have noticed this most in handbags and shoes.
I figured it out a couple years ago that the NAS stuff goes on discount in September so have tempered my purchases. So much of the stuff I "like" at NAS is seen through the frenzy and with sale goggles. Once Sept hits I don't love it as much anyhow. That being said-the 2 true bargains I regret not snapping up are the Paul Green loafers and the Gentle Souls heels. These won't be going on sale anytime soon I don't think and I am actually considering full price.


thanks for your post, was not sure if I am alone in my opinion here, as Nordstrom seems to be a favorite.

As for Paul Green, I just bought a pair of booties last week, and have received many compliments while wearing them. Sometimes you can find them on sale at Bloomies but picked over sizing.


I am a Bloomingdale's shopper and you can get some great buys during a sale there, don't cross them off the list