Liz A. my idea about returning/buying and yours posted at about the same time.
I have to say, the Nordstrom return policy allows me to make purchases I'm unsure of, because their return policy is so amazing.

I had heard they had an amazing return policy, and one day I found out.
I did a closet clean out a few years back and found shoes and clothes I'd never worn. They were so old the computer couldn't read them, but the clothing person said it was no problem and she had a conversion chart to find the price. The shoe person said she couldn't do it, but when I insisted she ask a manager, she got help and found the purchases by my address. Of course, I didn't use to purchase much there, so it was easier to find.

I would never intentionally let things go that long. But you know I didn't even consider trying to return my Macy's purchase from the same time.

Suz, it's worth a try. The very old clothes I returned weren't purchased with a Nordstrom card.

Does this really happen every year, right after the sale? That's so bizarre. Esp. when the stores were cleaned out, yes they were. Why would you bring in more of the merchandise to sell it at a lower price a week or two later...when you could have brought it in earlier and sold it at the higher sale price (if that's not an oxymoron)...unless that's the problem, late delivery...but that doesn't make sense either. Sale is over, prices should return to normal - that's the whole point of the pre-season sale right? To whet the appetite?

I found this blog article by Bridgette Raes very helpful for not stressing over whether I got an item at its lowest price, which is so very much out of your control and very unpredictable. Whether an item gets further discounted varies by manufacturer policy, by proportion of items returned and reviews, number of items remaining, etc... I like to buy at the beginning of the season to ensure I get the color and size I want. This means that I often see the items further discounted. I try to take the advice in this article and instead consider an item's role in my wardrobe and my total budget. Remember to also put a 'price tag' on your time. Price adjust if you can, return it if it's not worth the price you paid for it to you, otherwise just enjoy it!

I just posted on this separately so am glad to find this thread.

I think that if you are likely to be upset (disappointed, duped, or just mildly annoyed) by a further price adjustment on items you've not even worn, like I am, then having a good relationship with a sales associate is KEY! My sales associate will price adjustment just about anything for me, policy be damned. She is smart and knows that it makes for a happy customer and, let's be honest, the money pretty much just goes back to the store anyway (because I'm a happy customer). She doesn't make me bring stuff in; I can just text her cell phone with the items, and she handles it all behind the scenes saving me not only money but time too! I've never had this sort of luck when I've tried to price adjust via phone or via chat (online). A personal relationship really makes a difference here. For those who can only buy online due to geography, then I agree about holding your more expensive items (with tags) so that you can potentially return them when deeper discounts occur.

This year, my NAS purchases were all bigger ticket items from Vince, St. John and BOSS and they are ALL on sale. Granted going from 33% to 40% isn't a HUGE delta, but aggregated across a number of different expensive items, it will certainly add up!

Another good strategy, whether you shop online or in store, is to add every single item you purchase during NAS to your Nordstrom online wish list (I highly recommend making one if you don't have one--it's totally free).

Items in your wish list will automatically reflect the current price. So it's an easy way to view all your purchases at once and see where things are more deeply reduced; if the item or your size is no longer available, the wish list will reflect that too. But if you see things that are on a further discount, you can easily/quickly decide whether to repurchase (and return the original) or inquire about a price adjustment or whatever. Just a more efficient way to aggregate the information, in my view.

Not to get off the Nordstrom track, but you mentioned DSW. You absolutely can return painful shoes to DSW. I'm sure there's a time limit, but within that, it's not a problem. SAs have told me this a couple times, and my husband has returned at least one pair that rubbed him wrong.

Of course, the process of looking at your purchases and wish list for sale prices can be dangerous. Looks like this very pricey dress is back on sale, post-NAS. I don't really need a dress (anything with sleeves is a fall/winter/spring item for me, and I mainly wear dresses in summer), but dang this one is tempting.

I haven't checked other items yet, but this necklace was $40 during NAS. I bought it for me and for one of my daughters. The other one saw it and thought it was fun so I decided to see if they still had it, thinking I'd have to pay the regular price. Instead, it's now $29! Not a big difference but I do feel a bit, I don't know, duped?

I have to add that while I appreciate being able to return items, I do think it's wrong to keep something for months before returning it. Not only does the store lose out, but so do the other shoppers who may have wanted it. Those generous return policies translate into higher prices and I don't like paying more because others take advantage of the policies.

Question- so if you purchase online, to get a price adjustment the item has to currently be available online in the same size, is that right?

I just checked one item- a leather jacket- and it's now $50 less than the NAS price. If it's truly new merchandise, why would it be half off before the season even starts??

Susie, in my experience the policy is flexible. I have phoned for price ajustments after the date when they are supposed to expire and received them. Others have been refused. I've been granted ajustments on items that were no longer available in my size or colour as well, although only in conjunction with other ajustments at the same time and in the context of rather large orders. (So they could see it might be worth hanging onto my business. ). I think it depends on the SA and on the particulars. They may have some discretion. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Thanks for the tips, all! The infamous gilet and the Vince boat neck sweater are both on greater discount now. I called and received $60 credit total (which will help take the sting out of the gigantic Nordie's bill I just received). Both still have tags waiting for cooler weather. I guess I'm also in the camp who feels a little bit duped, though.

I've been really bummed by this in years past when I let myself get swept away in thinking these were magical items that I might never see again at these prices. Now I view them as good deals and a timeframe that I need to take advantage of if I'll be crushed later if my size is gone.

This year I love every item I kept and I'm glad I got them. I won't really be bent out of shape if they show up a little cheaper because I've learned how this goes from past years.

I actually think this year may be later with the discounts. I could swear one year some items went on sale the day after NAS.

Suz, how you paid for it shouldn't make any difference, give them a call...

I'm wondering if I should try for a price adjustment on that necklace.  May as well I guess!  Doesn't seem quite right, as I have worn it.

It seems like last year and this year, there were a lot more items that popped back into stock and on sale about a month after the sale. I don't remember it happening as much in prior years.

I don't know if it's that N's is doing a worse job predicting demand, that they're intentionally ordering more stock because they don't want to run out of things, or what. Part of it is that almost all items are available online now, and available to everyone not just N's card-holders, so all the pricing changes are visible to customers without much effort which is not the way it used to be.

I try to think about prices when I buy something and make sure I'm OK with them, no matter what, and try not to get het up when I find out I could have saved more. It is an investment of time, after all, which Angie mentioned in the other thread.

I do wish that N's would clarify their price adjustment policy and be consistent. They supposedly changed it so that they won't price adjust after 21 days unless the same item, color and size, is still available, but it sounds like others have gotten them to go back to their earlier, less stringent policy. IMO that's unfair.

This is all the economics of retail supply and demand ... as demonstrated by what people bought or didn't buy (and was left over) from NAS. If my demand for a certain item is high, I am price elastic. So I don't feel duped if the price changes.

I don't know that I will bother trying for an adjustment or not, though I probably should. In addition to the jacket, the Lafayette tunic I bought is at a lower price now too. I did notice that some NAS items had reviews that were from earlier this year so it's clear that while it might be new stock for the sale, it's not necessarily just styles that are brand new for Fall 2016. I've never had an issue with seeing things go on sale later in the season because I prefer to shop early. But this is different and I find it a bit of a turn off.

Maybe then the post-sale sales are down? I personally don't check back on prices. And while a sale can draw me in, a sale like NAS, I don't pay that much attention. Don't coupon either. I read somewhere one that coupons and so forth can ultimately contribute to higher prices. But mostly it's a matter of time for me. Having something when I need it and can go get it is worth something to me.

I'm not really a person who tracks a sale price either. I normally just comparison shop heavily at the time that I need something, buy it for the best price available, and move on. But I do find it very bad form that the new fall items have gone on sale again for less than the NAS price prior to fall even starting. Any other sale would not bother me nearly as much.

Customer service yesterday adjusted online purchases to the new sale price on later NAS purchases that were less than 30 or 31 days ago. Anything over that time frame required the item to still be in stock in my size. The unevenness of the policy described in this thread is confusing. I wonder how much discretion the ever gracious customer service people have and if the customers who are more persistent prevail. I try not to leave money on the table, yet accept that I chose to purchase something at a particular price at a moment in time. Chasing every penny down can be costly in other ways.

Last year when I encountered resistance about a price adjustment, I pointed out that I could return the item I'd already bought and re-buy it at its lower price. I would think that making a price adjustment is an easier process that processing the return and then the new sale.

Especially since Nordstrom's flexible return policy means that you could return and re-buy even if you've already taken the tags off and worn it...

Just an update that my sales associate (who I was certain would handle my price adjustments on my big ticket items) just reported that her managers are refusing all NAS price adjusting.

That is frustrating in light of those saying they have had luck by calling in; inconsistency is surely one way to alienate shoppers!

And yes, I could still return a few items with tags on and repurchase online (and may do so for one or two things) though I know that does affect the associates who work on commission (for items purchased in store). My sales associate said the managers are even preventing you from returning and repurchasing on the spot, as they view that as a price adjustment! I think Angie is totally right--soft sales are spurring a harder line by the company this year.

Some aspects of this are starting to feel absurd. I don't know how you turn away a sale after a "legal" return. Perhaps in their efforts to protect their sales associates' earned commissions, the management is inadvertently making a compelling case for both buying online and not feeling "now or never" about everything. Things have changed at Nordstrom.

Ah, the SA's commission was something I hadn't thought of. Although I will say it's extremely rare that a sales associate does anything more for me than open a dressing room or ring me up. Maybe that's why they are treating the in store purchases as a separate case. If I thought the SA had truly earned a commission off of my purchase, I might reconsider my stance on returning and re-buying.

I just got off the phone with Nordstrom Customer Service. They gladly adjusted the prices on eight items I purchased online. My bank account thanks you for starting this thread!

Just got off chat with Nordstrom and no questions asked. just typed in order numbers and item name and done! hope others have good service as well!

Auburn, buying a new item at the lower price and returning the original unworn item with tags at the higher price is what I did at Sierra Trading Post. FYI, they fired me as a customer.