Hi all,
I wonder if I could ask for some advice about getting back in the fashion game? How do you do it, when you've fallen off the style horse?
In the last year I've faced some real challenges: illness, decline of my business, family drama... but now things are looking up (health is fine, business is booming, family is still crazy but oh well).
I realize that I've really let myself go, stylewise. I'm not enthused by my wardrobe and tend to gravitate to 3 or 4 things I've had forever. I've made many purchases that have later filled me with doubt (a floral blouse, "comfort" loafers, a flowy top, a cheap sweater). I could possibly make these things work, but I can't seem to really land on an aesthetic so I've just been putting the doubtful purchases in the consignment pile. Part of the challenge is that my body is changing and pants - in particular - don't fit the same/as well. But even beyond that, I feel like I've lost the ability to think creatively about my own style.
I think spending more time on YLF, for inspiration, might help - although YLF always increases my shopping, and I worry about continuing to make purchases decisions without a framework and ending up with more in the consignment pile.
Have you ever faced this kind of challenge? How did you dig yourself out?