Wow, I only indulged in one thing on the list - wedge sneakers, although I didn't wear them very often. I WANTED to buy some of the denim, but I have a heck of a time buying jeans because they are never, ever comfortable for me. So, I didn't wear those, either. And I am out-of-the-loop enough that I didn't even realize some of these things were fads (millenial pink? small sunglasses? logomania?)!

Coming back to what Angie said about wearing what you love with conviction - whether it’s trendy or not. I think a good example of that is how Angie wears white boots. They have been trending for a few years now but she was wearing them before that and (I suspect) will continue to do so even if they stop trending. I think that’s an important part of developing a signature style - finding an item or style that really speaks to you and sticking with it.

I would have to say small sunglasses was one I got from a trend list. It never featured here.

Logomania is a funny one. I think teens are susceptible to it (at the moment in our neighbourhood Champion is the "in" brand of hoodie. And I see some groups of women where a couple of them are wearing the Gucci belt pictured. Common among some influencers.

Of course sneaker labels are another one....Adidas Superstars or Golden Goose or Veja or Superga - they have all had a moment. As I think about it I would pick this would probably be the biggest logomania trend of the decade although I was thinking about some of the heavily logo-ed bags and belts when I wrote it.

I wore skinny jeans with long tops for a while because it became the prevailing style at retail — EVERYTHING was skinny jeans and leggings. All colors, patterns, etc. So tops got longer, and I bought them and wore them. But it was never my best look, and I’m happy that time has passed. I think women with thin legs look great in that style, but it never played well with my proportions. The look itself is just another silhouette to me, that became the prevailing thing for a few years. I know some women who still wear it and look great. Just like I never gave up on full-length bootcuts when they were “out” because those are my jam. I’m all for ditching the idea of trends dictating our style.

I was thinking more about trends in sneakers last night - and find it interesting (I love the business end of fashion /retail) that what are often noted as trends are really just classic styles coming back to the forefront. Adidas Gazelles,, Nike Air Force, Tretorn, Vans, Adidas Superstars, Puma Classics etc etc - those have all been around for YEARS and really will never,ever date. That's where to spend the money .
And I had to laugh at the Champion story. I bought a pair of funky black rip-stop cargos with white top stitching a week or so ago .....ostensibly to wear to work - and when I put them on the other day, DD said something to the effect of " so you're all trendy now with your Champion pants? " ......I had no idea the brand was having a resurrection of sorts. Would explain the huge display of them at the store though

It is interesting how sportswear classics trend - like the Champion - or the Adidas Superstars etc.

For me a signature style means keeping a reasonable size closet so I can have a few trendy items but keep on to older pieces to mix in.

Looking back on my last 12 months of shopping the three finds are probably the trendiest pieces. Not super trendy but I do think they show the influence.

Ooh...that would be a good thread, too, Sal...what recent purchases of yours show the greatest influence of "trends."

Yes that might be the next one!! I think when we buy things we think they are classic but they are more influenced by trends than we realise. Which is why I am better to buy "trendier" pieces in things I will wear a lot rather than something that I rarely wear out (coats, blazers, even boots).

Super fun question! I can honestly say the only thing I wear and love on this list is mom jeans. I would love to wear millennial pink but it is way too close to my skin tone. I wear a lot of athletic wear but for working out, not for casual wear. The closest I get to Dad sneakers are my Adidas Superstars- so not really.

Fun...loved reading everyone’s posts

  • Wedge Sneakers —bought a pair of converse, but didn’t really wear them...
  • skinny jeans—yes, but always leaned towards a more relaxed skinny instead of a jogging
  • Athleisure—yes, and honesty its become my pandemic go to style
  • Tiny sunglasses —nope, not this one
  • Millenial pink —well, not in the 2000’s, i had a fab suit in this color back in the early 90s...loved it, but back then it was just “pink”
  • Logomania (Bags, belts etc)—another trend i passed on
  • Mom Jeans—hmmm, high waisted yes, but not pegged, so i guess no
  • Distressed Jeans -still wearing them. And i love my distressed shorts
  • Cold should tops— nope as some one who always thinks, what jacket do i need to take with me in case its cold, this one just never worked for me

Thanks for chiming in kkards. It was fun to reflect on things that have come and gone in more recent years - and for me - ones that have hung around.

Suz, yes! That would be a fun one—are you writing it?

No to pink, wedge sneakers, tiny sunglasses, logomania, cold shoulder tips. I have worn lots of skinnies but am over that silhouette.

Re. "mom jeans" - are we talking about any kind of high-rise Jean? If so, then yes. If we're only talking about what I think of as classic mom jeans - a high rise with a "reverse fit" (what Gap used to call a silhouette that started off wider and tapered at the ankle) in a light wash - then my answer is "not since 1999."

Distressed jeans, yes.

Fun reading!

Lisap, in fact, although I am indeed a "woman in the Western world," I have never ever worn tunics-over-leggings. And I am not the only one. I know several other women in various Western countries who never adopted that look.

The Cat, I wonder if tunic over leggings/skinnies ever caught on in Berlin. I wore an outfit I loved back home exactly one time here and felt like I was wearing pajamas. I do see a lot of leggings here, and some long tops, but not that particular formulation. Maybe it was over before we got here 2 years ago, but my money is on it never having really been a thing.

The Cat and Fashintern - I do agree trends are regional. Some of the forum trends never really feature here.

April - I think Mom jeans is a bit tongue in cheek but high waisted with a straight leg - probably a slight taper. I think they were made fun of for a while then as always came back (and then the low waisted skinnies were probably made fun of)

It is fun to think about it - and easier with a few years hindsight to see what was popular.

I am huge slip dresses lover. Hope this is still in the vogue, ahaha. Sure, I can not wear this every time I would like to, so need to pick something more casual.
I usually try to find inspiration for new looks in the pinterest or checking some ideas on the fashion sites
By the way
Adidas Superstars
are fire too, looks great with different type of jeans on my opinion.

Late to this, but going through the list, yup I’m trendy, did most of it
Wedge Sneakers - stalked the Isabel Marant sneakers way back when, they were hard to find. I think a sales person at Barneys tracked them down for me (RIP Barneys). Eventually got two pairs, one black, one gold. I have since sold the gold ones. Have not worn the black ones in a few years due to back issues
skinny jeans - I search for them in 2007-2008, I think my first pair were from Club Monaco in NYC. I still have one pair, rarely worn
Athleisure - yup. Since fancy sweatpants from Marc by Marc Jacobs, around 2010, worn with above mentioned wedge sneakers. Doing lots of fancy sweatshirts as of late and bike shorts
Tiny sunglasses - tempted, but realized not really good for my life. I didn’t see them in stores much. Do remember Rihanna rocking them, though there’s not much she can’t do fashion wise
Millenial pink - blush off and on, it’s a good color for me. I think of millennial pink in terms of home decor more, ie the pink velvet couch that was everywhere
Logomania (Bags, belts etc) - yup guilty of this & still am.
Mom Jeans - yup, still and now also Dad jeans, which are wider in the leg
Distressed Jeans - was massively into this. Got rid of almost all of them.
Dad sneakers - yup & still wearing
Cold shoulder tops - never did it. Didn’t appeal to me
ETA, in the last year or so, I think I’ve lost my trendiness though

Huh. Out of all of these, the only ones I really got into were skinnies and pink. I do still wear both of those.

I had one pair of low wedge converse, but my feet did not like them so that was a non-starter. And I had a pair or two of distressed jeans but never really got super in to them. (although i don't mind a little bit of distressing.)

This is fun! I don't think of myself as very trend-driven, but I did wear a lot of these, and in heavy rotation.

  • wedge sneakers - Yes, to my surprise. I have a pair of Converse Shroud wedges that I loved. But they fell out of use when I stopped wearing skinny jeans - black skinny jeans were a necessary part of that look for me. I'm holding on to them in case I move back in that direction.
  • skinny jeans - I lived in skinnies, though not skin-tight skinnies. Looser and slouchier. I switched away from them a few years ago, towards boyfriend jeans and high rise jeans, but I've actually swung back towards slouchy boy-cut skinnies the past few months.
  • athleisure - nope
  • tiny sunglasses - nope (I have to wear prescription)
  • millennial pink - Not exactly, but I have two pink shirts that I wear quite often, in a clearer, more pastel pink.
  • logomania - Not really, except that my Off-White purse is pretty distinctive so it probably counts
  • mom jeans - Yup! Lots. But as my midsection got a little larger, I stopped liking the look or the feel of the higher rise.
  • distressed jeans - Definitely, just like my teenage grunge origins.
  • dad sneakers - nope
  • cold shoulder tops - Not really, but I do have one oversized cold shoulder sweater that looks more rock & roll. I like it, but stopped wearing it when cold shoulders got trendy, out of contrariness.

Thanks Corby - I do like a slip dress and say wear!

Anna - you definitely are ahead of most of us with trends. I wonder if your interest will resume either when the pandemic eases or when trends change?

Diana - skinnies work well for your winters I know. You can wear a skinny and wide leg pant both really well.