Skinny jeans (I still pretty much only wear realxed skinnies), cold shoulder tops (still would, although a little fed up of them) and I have 1 top that's a dustier version of millenial pink. I did buy a pair of distressed jeans early last year, but got rid off them because of fit issues. Guess I haven't been super on-trend

I was a "no" on all of these, except for a pink chore jacket, which I still have and love. And skinny jeans, maybe. Much to my surprise, I do own a pair of jeans that's labelled "skinny" but they fit my body much the same way as some slim straights, so I think that's more marketing, than truly "skinny" jeans.

I bought a few items in millennium pink and still wear them a little. But when this summer is over, they will leave my wardrobe, as I have realized that clearer, brighter or deeper pinks suit me better.

No to the rest.

Angie, you had wedge style Cons!! I had them, too!! They were a much more refined version of the look...

Thanks all for your responses. Interesting the trends that have stuck and those that haven't.

I do want to add that I see nothing wrong with enjoying these trends and moving through them. I have done that with many trends and if you don't overdo it, the item often wears out as you tire of it.

I think athleisure, millenial pink and skinny jeans are almost classics... and others may feel the same about any of the other trends...

The tiny sunglasses trend really never featured here - there have been sunglasses trends but mostly on the larger size. The other trends have all been evident.

A few I also could have added that spring to mind......
- tunics and leggings
- platform heels
- nude pumps
- hi low tops
- hi low dresses
- skirted leggings

I certainly indulged in the tunics and leggings and tried to make it work. I think my worst looks of the decade were failed attempts here. Something about the proportions never worked for me.

I also had a few hi low tops which I loved and a hi low dress that I still wear and love.

Platform heels and nude pumps were not my thing though and I have never seen skirted leggings available here (although they probably are).

I do think platform heels 2010 style would look dated in most settings but the rest of these looks would still work.

So...for someone who supposedly likes trends, I really didn't!

I had skinny jeans, a very modified wedge sneaker, and very mildly distressed jeans (no holes, just a bit of wear). That's it!

This is indeed really interesting ! Coming back to read others' replies, and I'm realizing (with a bit of pride) how consistent I am and how my wardrobe doesn't depend on a lot of trends. I still wear, and like , skinny jeans because I feel they are more flattering on me that wide legs or straights; I still wear and enjoy distressed jeans as they feel like classics to me; and I remain one of the very few on this forum who likes (and still do) cold shoulder tops. They never struck me as trendy - I've owned a few over the years and it wasn't because they were all over the place at retail. I think they are quite pretty and a little different, and although I don't have any right now, I'd certainly wear one again. Athleisure is a no-brainer, and I won't even talk about it anymore as I'm sure we're all sick of me and my athletic -wear Most of the other items on either of your lists have never been part of my look , except for tunics-over-leggings, which I think every woman in the Western World wore at some point. That look lasted for so long! I'm happy to realize that when I like a look, it's going to be part of who I am, and not just some passing fancy.

I would not be heartbroken if jeggings and patterned leggings faded to black in the 2020s.

Yes to:

  • skinny jeans
  • Athleisure
  • Distressed Jeans
No to:
  • Wedge Sneakers
  • Tiny sunglasses
  • Millenial pink
  • Logomania (Bags, belts etc)
  • Mom Jeans
  • Dad sneakers
  • Cold shoulder tops
I might still wear Mom jeans or Dad sneakers, though. The three that are "yes" are also still in rotation for me. I'm a slow adopter of new denim styles, and, though I don't wear as much athleisure as I once did, it's a comfortable fit for my lifestyle.

I still wear distressed jeans and a small amount of athleisure. My distressed jeans are more restrained these days.

Skinnies - never
Pink - that is a big no
Mom jeans - if I could find the right pair I would

The rest I don't feel drawn towards.

I don't even know what millennial pink is. Ha.

I agree with your supplementary list Sally.
Tunic/leggings or long over lean was huge for years. Along with ponte pants and tube skirts (I did more the latter than the former and still have some).
Also oversized tops (linked to above).
Asymmetrical tops.
Cool colours. Until the last couple of years grey dominated everything.
Embroidery had a moment. (I wish it had lasted longer.)
High shaft ankle boots. Ankle boots generally have moved into classic status over the decade. Completely standard and acceptable with skirts now in a way that they weren’t 15 years ago.
Moto jackets. Also gone classic I think.

Oh and cropped pants. Plus cropped jeans. Gone classic too I think.

Lisa p, here's an example of millenial pink. Rose quartz was one of the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. Reminds me of the color of my graduation gown from kindergarten.

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Yes to skinny jeans and athleisure; no to everything else. I seem to be pretty consistent in what I like and wear.

I never wore anything but the high low dresses of the second batch.

Suz! YOU ARE RIGHT. I had wedged Converse like you in 2013.


Brilliant Brooklyn! Absolutely.

Ankle boots with skirts was a no for me for years but it is a common look now. And cropped pants have become a classic.

Yes to the cool colours being dominant for most of the decade- I do find dressing much easier now.

I will admit a poison eye for the platform stiletto but strongly argue that any of the other looks done well could look fab in 2020.

Maybe that’s another two forum topics - trends that have classic status or picking your older trend item and styling it for 2020.

Sal, YES. Exactly. These items are not dated. That in itself is a dated way of looking at items these days, especially in the light of increasing sustainability. If you wear these items in a way that is YOU, reflective of your sartorial preferences, with sass, confidence, and conviction - you are on trend

And if you no longer want to wear the items, onto their next home who will!

*kindergarten graduation * hahahahaha! At least you graduated
I know what millennium pink is - I was just trying to poke it’s balloon .

Sal, isn’t it interesting how we all want to say we didn’t go for the trends? I mean, somebody was buying them, or they wouldn’t have been trendy!

In the second batch,
- tunics and leggings. Several
- platform heels No, but if I was going to do heels, this is how.
- nude pumps Nude-for-me heeled sandals
- hi low tops nope.
- hi low dresses. Maybe one.
- skirted leggings. Isn’t that a workout thing? Not sure, never tried them

here is a funny diatribe on Millennial pink...

My 18 year old wears millennial pink but I don't think he would wear baby pink nor hot pink..... he is not interested in clothing at all so I take it as pink that men happily wear......

I actually really like it!! And am wearing it right now.....

@lisap - didn’t you have an oversized milliennial pink sweater that you wore with black full leg OTF pants and sneakers with ribbon ties?

I DO like the colour, but it is so close to ‘nude for me’ it was hard to carry off.

Oh, I guess I would wear millennial pink then. It seems like a nice shade. I just never saw it around. I have to be honest it seemed like one of those things that was supposed to be a trend but never materialized??? Maybe I don’t get out enough!

I still wear tunics and leggings/long over lean, and also skirt leggings.

Funny, I thought that lower shaft ankle boots came around first and then higher later. As a late adopter I am just getting into the latter.

I wonder about some of the things that people are deeming new classics. Skinny jeans have also been described as having attained “classic” status but I see a lot of people on here saying “ugh, so over skinny jeans, I’m glad fashion has moved on.” Maybe it depends on your perspective— if you still wear an aging trend it’s a classic, if not it’s just a trend. *devil emoji* I guess this is all part of DYOT. For the record I’m really glad when the range of acceptably current styles expands, it is so clear that different cuts suit different people’s bodies and personal styles and I want everyone to have clothes they love.

Sal, that made me laugh. It’s funny because it’s true—people get so exorcised over that color.

Sarah, it may have more of a mark in decor than in fashion. A whisp of pink on a wall can warm up the space nicely.
Also, I’m pretty sure my cardi is just plain pink, am not sure if my vest is millennial pink or not—but isn’t that the point?

Fun thread!
I definitely wore skinnies and still like a slim straight best.
Millenial pink is a bit too faded for me now, but I did have a great jacket I wore in that shade.
Mom jeans - oh I tried, but they are not made for this mom's shape.
Wedge sneakers - no, I formed a grudge against them.
Distressed jeans - minimal distressing and raw hems for me and I still wear them.
Small sunglasses - defeats the purpose.
Cold shoulders - never got into this.
Logomania - not my thing generally.
Tunics and leggings - I have the exact association with these as everyone used to have with mom jeans. Might change.

Wow, I didn't realize how much things have actually changed in the last decade.

Carla - you’re right . But I can’t say I ever considered it anything other than a pretty pink sweater

I completely agree Fashintern - it is just a sort of became a thing for no reason. Some of us like it and some don't. If I had to choose I would say the cardigan is and the vest is more baby pink. But I am no expert:)

Sarah - haha I agree. But you see skinny jeans and tunics were never that great on me so I was ready to be done with them....whereas athleisure and millennial pink are right up my alley so I will declare them as classics!!

And Shevia - I know funny to see how trends come and go....That's what makes it fun though because whilst cold shoulders were not that good on me I saw and see lots of people wearing them in such a cool way. Same with wedge heel sneakers or heavily distressed jeans.

I don’t know what gives certain trends staying power over others but I suspect comfort and practicality for lifestyle have a lot to do with it. I think one of the reasons that skinny jeans will stay a classic is that they are so suited to wet and cold weather in a way that say flares and wide legs jeans aren’t.

I think there was also a broad trend from minimalism early in the decade to maximalism later in the decade. With Covid, I wonder if the pendulum will swing back to minimalism. With fewer of us dressing for “show”. And I bet sales of statement jewellery, heels, jackets and pencil skirts are suffering.

I think so too Brooklyn.... although I think you can do a maximal look that is suited for more casual wear (colours, patterns, textures - maybe similar to how Bijou dresses to work at home or in the weekend)

But I think it could be a while before pencil skirts and heels are trending again...