.....I've had a very hard time getting clients sorted with dressy party shoes that are COVERED, not too high, reasonably comfortable, affordable, don't have stiletto heels, and aren't black! Never mind that they should look interesting and hip. Our expectations were lowered very fast.

The season has punted one style of party shoe and it's EVERYWHERE. It's the high heeled strappy sandal with a narrow heel. The idea is that you can wear the sandal with hosiery for warmth. See Finds for visuals.

This has only worked for two clients. The rest are making do with old party footwear, or wearing a very classic pump or ballet flat as a compromise. Some have thrown in a bling boot, which is fabulous - but more casual. The Boden bow flats are working for some. See Finds for the items

And I've gone for bling sneakers! Last Find.

It's cold. We need covered feet, and more party shoe VARIETY. I'm all for punting the trend - that's how fashion retail works - but OPTIONS would be appreciated.

Retail gave us all sorts of warm and covered party wear this year instead of racks of sleeveless and skimpy dresses. But they forgot to cover our feet