Well, even though the festive season is hot in the Southern Hemisphere, I am not wearing such high or spindly heels. For events where you are often on your feet and networking, heels like this just don't work. I will be boring and wearing my block heeled pumps.

It seems like the dress code for being around the Queen of England always or often specifies closed toe shoes. Wonder if it's more common to find this kind of party shoe available to order from London?

Wow, silver(?) bow sneaks are beautiful and already yours, Angie? Brava!:-)

I'm a girl who has to have warm feet, cold feet = misery.
I had three pairs of pointy closed toe, ankle strap skinny heel dressy shoes. They were my go to. Now I have a problem ( metatarsalgia) with one of my feet and the last time I wore a pair I was so miserable that the next day I gave them all away to my neighbor. I didn't want to be tempted due to desperation to wear them ever again. So here we are, holiday season and I have nothing except a pair of suede block heel ankle booties. They look ok with black tights but I could really use something else with a small heel. Very slim selection and if I find something it needs to not hurt my stupid foot !

if i was dressing up this year, I'd probably try these Kate Spade shoes...or if i the rest of my outfit was really plain, these Betsey Johnsons'....and if i was looking for casual party shoe that i could also wear for non party situations, the loafers in the finds would be mine...

and i just want to add....i love the sparkly sneakers, and i love the idea of you in them...but LOL you've come along way...

ohh do I love those loafers.

I own the same pink velvet block-heeled Mary Jane pumps as Molly Mac and I am hanging on to them! (I wear them with an embroidered velvet dress because too much velvet is never enough).

That's too bad, I hate cold feet almost as much as hose with sandals

I don't have to dress up this year but I usually go with my normal black suede pumps or knee high boots. Not blingy at all but I have them in my closet and they go with almost everything.

Crazy. I have no need for party shoes this holiday season, but if I did I’d consider wearing short, sleek, ankle boots with hosiery. Maybe that look is over but I thought it was a good compromise the last few years.

(It’s our cold and snowy season.)

You lot crack me up. Thanks for the morning giggles.

I have tremendous empathy for those with fussy feet - making party shoes an even harder find. I get it

Bonnie, I LOVE that you're wearing refined stompy boots with that outfit. DYOT is FTW.

Molly Mac & Laura, super cute heels.


Suz, those seasonally confused outfits make no sense to me either. And outfit bloggers wear them all the time!

Vildy, generally, European party shoes are more sensible. Too mmuch commuting on bike and foot. I bet they are in London too.

Lisa P, I hope we see your outfit soon.

Aquamarine, why not! DYOT.

Slimcat, you can wear dressy dresses with boots!

Gigi, cute flats. I have a similar pair.

I can’t really get my head around open toed shoes in the winter, so yeah, the sandals don’t seem right to me either. Especially with hose, yuck.

I guess I’ve usually worn my old Fluevog black ankle booties — the curved heel and very fitted ankle give them a dressier vibe, or metallic booties, or my Rockstuds. But the events I’ve attended in cold weather don’t tend to be super dressy, so boots work.

It’s hard to find pumps that fit me and don’t slip off my heels, so I would be in for a big search if I needed some dressier shoes! Designers really dropped the ball this year.

Your last paragraph is so true--just look at the long sleeves shown with these sandals!

No seasonally confused looks for me either. If I need any kind of coat then my feet want to be covered, and I'm not a fan of the sandals/hose look either. Maybe if enough of us do NOT buy dressy heeled sandals this season the retailers will wake up. HAH wouldn't it be great if they paid attention like that Last year I saw a couple of young women wearing the seasonally confused look of dress, puffer coat, bare legs, and sandals. In Boston, in mid-December. Could not believe it. I guess it has become a classic! They were coming out of an elevator and heading out to the sidewalk for an Uber car....but still....live and let live, but totally not for me.

I don't mind hose with open heels, but not with open toes (shudders). So strange!

I have a pair of red patent wedge mary Janes from years and years ago that I pull out when necessary. They don't seem to be dating. I also have some slightly blingy smoking slippers which I wear with pants. Those are years old too. If I needed non red shoes for a dress I guess I'd wear my black suede Okala's. I rarely wear them now, but am saving them for dressy occasions.

I have these two pair of shoes for party wear - and beyond - this season: sparkly bow-topped loafers (SUPER comfy and inexpensive) and fuchsia suede bow mules. My planned party outfit is a two-piece black crepe/satin trim tuxedo-type suit from Zara with an evergreen sequinned t from H&M. Pedi will be a matching green metallic, and fingernails will be silver sequinned. Earrings tbd. Makeup : silver eyeliner and pink lips.

Angie, I hope you’ll post a picture of your outfit.

I discovered the wonderful world of cool shoelaces, so my party shoes, should I need them, will be one of my many pairs of oxfords with either velvet or organza laces!

You know, the more I think about this, the more I feel like there is a real opportunity being missed here by designers.

I personally don’t want to wear sneakers to get dressed up. I can wear sneakers or loafers any old day — if I’m glamming it up, I want FAB sexy shoes. And it is really hard to find ones that have personality but are still sophisticated, and are not too young, too matronly, or too clubby, and — big considerations — a reasonable level of comfort and a decent price point.

I totally agree with you Janet. The sexy shoes I see are for club wear, or for MOB's (to generalize), and are just NOT fashion-forward or interesting . I don't get it. I realize that the days of fancy holiday parties and dressing up to entertain are waning, if not over for many people, but still! Even though I bought a pair of sparkly loafers to wear to my own party next weekend, I doubt I'll wear them . As you say, I can wear loafers any day of the week, which I will likely end up doing with these.

I agree - I had a quick look online here but of course it is mostly summer stock. But maybe people just aren’t buying much dressy attire any more?

Janet, dead right. SUCH a missed retail opportunity.

I did find these for a client with very fussy feet. She's keeping the silver and the blush to wear to holiday parties in the next few weeks.