Nice! I forgot about the beautiful quilted pencil skirt! Mine is gone, but I really loved it in theory if not in practice. It had so much potential, but it was too short for comfort at work. DD wears it better with her long twenty something legs! I will show her your picture for inspiration!

You totally nailed the look, Suz! The skirt is very flattering on you and you should wear it more often. I love how it pairs with that fancy sweatshirt.

This looks great! Love that skirt, being denim it would go with a lot but looks a little dressier than jeans.

I think a long cardi would be a great option for another outfit with that skirt.

This is a great look that's both polished and somewhat relaxed. That's a sweet spot I'm trying to hit more, and this is definitely inspiring.

This is gorgeous. The patterns colors and shapes all work so well. It is so new very to see more of you on YLF.

OMG, I am swooning! This is such a gorgeous outfit, one of your best ever!

"..well, I just pulled this sweatshirt out of my loungewear capsule, tossed it over a denim skirt, and pulled this scarf out of my warm-winter-accessories basket that lives near my front door....and tossed on my plain old riding boots"....HAH!

The pattern mixing is PERFECT. You should add a module on that subject to the class(es) you teach!