It has started to intrigue me what different parts of the world call the same item of clothing.I think we all know the pants/trousers thing but it hadn’t occurred to me that fabbers in America might not know what I was talking about when I referred to ,I think it was fashion tern,wearing a pinny(pinafore apron) in a post.She said she had to look it up!It got me thinking what other clothing terms do we take for granted that others don’t understand even though we all are speaking English on the site.
For example,what do you call converse style trainers?My mum calls them plimsoles.Here in Wales we call them dappers or daps.A friend in Scotland refers to them as gutties.
I went to college in the north of England where trousers are called keks.
When I first came to Wales I was really confused when people kept referring to a costume ie have you got your costume for the wedding yet.I was stricken thinking that it was fancy dress/themed and no one had told me until I realised that they just meant an outfit.
Then there are the family -isms.Bras are referred to in our house as booby traps .My daughter called them this when she was young and I’m afraid it’s just stuck!We also say if someone in the family is looking nice ,you look as pretty as a pumpkin,don’t ask me why !

So ,if you are looking gorgeous in your gutties,your booby traps are killing you or your just feeling as pretty as a pumpkin do share how you talk about clothes uniquely in your neck of the woods.I would love to know,and perhaps add new word or two to my sartorial vocabulary.