Oh, this thread so timely for me as I was going to ask what a "hair that looks polished and professional" means actually. You mentiond this in your post about blending style and personality and am always curious to know how others are thinking in this regard. We all want "polished and professional" hair, but how to achieve it daily?
YLF in this cut-love the versatility of your new style-especially like you can do wavy, too! I have somehow a similar one but could never achieve a decent looking wavy aspect to mine as it is probably too thin for that (curls in thin hair can show skin between them)-can somebody advice?

Thank you for the awfully kind compliments, ladies. They made me smile

Lyn67, start a separate thread on your question so that it doesn't get lost.

Your hair looks beautiful, healthy and stylish. I like that you are inspired to update your hair every year.

Denise! Loved that you dropped by.

Thanks so much for sharing the details of your cut! I love being able to do my hair straight and wavy, too, and both options work so well in your cut.

(And loving the family pic, too)

Beth Ann, it's sooo lovely to see you chime in. Thank you for being the gracious person that you are.

I loved your new haircut so much that I asked my hairdresser to use it as inspiration for my recent haircut. I didn't get highlights this session because I've found my cut gets more attention when it's the only thing she's working on. Next time, I'll get highlights, too. You can see by the before and after photo how much shorter it is now. I think it should be shorter in the back and on the right side, too. It's a work in progress. Photo #2 shows how it looks after my attempts to style it. Photo #4 is how my hairdresser styled it.

Looks great Bonnie!


*happy dance*