Wow now that is a good haircut! How right you were to sing your hairstylist's praises! I love both versions and can't pick a favorite (well, maybe my favorite is the photo where your hair is hidden beneath the hat, because you look so happy with your handsome companions).

Wow! Thank you all so much! I have to run, but will be back to comment fully later. Wanted to chime in quickly to say how much I appreciate the kind words...

Gorgeous! I love both versions, especially the curly one. Isn’t it fun to be able to style your hair a few different ways?!

Such a stylish cut! My hairdresser cuts mine so it can be worn wavy or straight also. So wonderful to have the option to change it up.

I admire your ability to keep your hair on point during all kinds of weather! I find that terribly difficult. I too have noticed that using a curling iron to reinforce the natural wave does help it hold longer.

Oh, that's lovely, Angie. I especially like it wavy. Fantastic pic of you and the boys.

Gorgeous and I love the family photo

Beautiful on you! Very avant-garde and striking!

Love the versatility! Really must work on my curling iron skills... the top always looks messy...

Ooh, it looks great both ways. Very envious that you can achieve such a beautiful wave!

Is it wrong to admit that I have a tiny preference for the wavy version ? It is a gorgeous cut from every angle and the color is also stunning. I totally get you about having weather proof hair -one of my motivations for going grey was the wind would expose my roots and make me feel sloppy. Hair is not static and your haircut looks like it moves beautifully!

Looks so good on you Angie!! I love it both ways. You have a very talented hairdresser who knows how to highlight that fabulous bone structure of yours.

My hairstyle is a combination of your current cut and your inspiration cuts. I occasionally wear it curly, because I have a lot of wave.
Your hair always looks fab and is the way I found this website years ago!

I love it! Nice that you have some variety, that isn't easy with short hair. I know what you mean about seeing you ears, that was the hardest thing to get used to when I grew out my short cut (many years ago), was not seeing my ears

I get a hair cut tonight after work and now think I may ask to have it cut a little asymmetrically!

Looks great! I like both the straight and wavy versions.

Gorg as always. Inspiring me to try some curls. Love the waves.

Looks fantastic, Angie.
Our cuts are very similar, but I don't have the pronounced wedge line going to the back this time around. You have made me think I should try curling mine!

I love it ! So great that it looks just as good straight or wavy. You always look so polished:)

Beautiful! I especially love it wavy but I'm partial to wavy/curly hair. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm trying to decide what direction to go. Thanks for the reminder to make it work for me.

OH! I'm blushing big time. Thank you all soooo much, for the kind words.

Taylor, your professional opinion means a lot

hereforthecake, your hair is KILLER cute both ways.


Jaime, of course you like the wavy one better. Why not!

DISMAL weather here. Very wet, cold and windy. Thankful I have hair that works well in it - now.

Hooray for another asymmetrical hair style! It looks amazing and I can tell from the photos you love it! ❤

No matter what Kristen Stewart does to her hair, she cannot go wrong in my book. Love your new 'do, Angie <3

I like it both ways, and love the pink on you!

So happy to see you and your new “do”. And the happy family shot.

Really great haircut! You're lucky the curls stay in the rain!

Love your hair; great to have the straight or wavy options. Your smile lights up the photos, too. Enjoy the new look!

Beautiful as always. I love how your hair keeps evolving.

As one who has short hair, you know I love your short hair even more. YLF forever!

Angie, your new hair do is stunning! I love the color, cut and versatility. Very YOU! That is the best part. You made it your own. You set an excellent example for how to take a style or trend and consider what changes to make to, so it reflects who you are. The ultimate in DYOT authenticity. Yes, You Look (and are) Fab!