For those who wanted to see my new 'do....

First four celebrity pics were the inspiration. Inspiration can take you into all sorts of directions, so my 'do doesn't look anything like the pics! I CUSTOMIZED and did my own thing to suit my needs.

I like my hair wavy and straight, and wear each variation as frequently. So I chose a look that can accommodate both preferences. I cut a lot off the one side because I missed seeing my ears. I am thinking about growing out the very short side so that it isn't as asymmetrical. We will see.

I'm not Jenna Elfman or Kirsten Stewart. I'm Angie Cox and this is my current hairstyle. Styled by me daily to brave the ongoing Seattle rain, wind, and cold that I am outside in all the time. Commuting on foot in Seattle is not for the faint hearted! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm resilient, and now - so is my hair without going very short again.

I'm awfully pleased with the result, and so are my big and small in-house fashion stylists