I have a few questions about today's blog post, but it's a bit late to post there and anyway they are questions for everybody!

First off, while cropped flares are certainly cute and fresh, they do absolutely make the models' legs look shorter. MUCH shorter, in the cases where they are wearing high-vamp flats. On the models, this is JFE because they've got long legs to begin with. On me, it's NFE -- not flattering enough. I try to minimize my poison eyes, but much as I adore flat oxfords, this look is clownish on me. (I tried it, and collapsed in a fit of giggles).

Secondly, the wearing of flat lace-up shoes -- I'm not sure how this is any different than wearing ballet flats, as I can barely see the laces. Maybe if the model's lace-ups had high-contrast laces it would make a difference? Again, it only barely works, to my eye, and it certainly wouldn't work on me.

Thirdly, say I try to compensate for the cropped length of my pants by wearing ones with a higher waist. This elongates the leg line, true, but doesn't it do that at the expense of the torso? So now I've got legs of an (almost) acceptable length, but barely any torso, which is also very NFE. Ack.

I can wear the look in a just-about-flattering-enough way if I do it with booties that "close the gap" (bonus points if the whole outfit is just about the same colour). But what if I cropped the flares just a little shorter, and wore them with low-vamp heels? Wouldn't that work too? It works for those wide-leg jeans that I recently turned into culottes. They are a bit longer than knee-length.

Sorry for the long post -- thanks for reading. If you have any thoughts, I'm eager to hear them.