I am planning to go to the tailor's this week to hem all the crop jeans/pants I have that need hemming, as well as have any other necessary alterations done. I am a little bit unsure about some of the pairs when it comes to length. Please feel free to suggest alternative lengths to the ones I have proposed and also please ignore material bunching due to rolling on the full length jeans I plan to hack.

The collection:

1. Crop kick flare white Loft pair - the length was deemed right by the forum in a previous thread
2.Crop kick flare dark blue Express pair - I have had these since September last year and worn them a lot. The length was also proclaimed correct.
3. Crop kick flare black H&M pair - I have also had these since last fall and worn them a lot as well. The last time I posted them I was told they were a bit too long. I am showing them here with one leg folded an inch shorter. Do you like that length or which length would you hem them?
4. Straight light blue Genetic Denim pair with released hem - I think the length is OK but since they have released hem hemming is not possible anyway. However, they stretch a lot with wear and I would like to have that fixed. For the seamstresses out there, what should I exactly ask the tailor to do - take the legs in all the way till the knees or something else?

I also have two older pairs of full length classic straight leg blue jeans that I want to crop since I hardly ever wear them. I have shown each of them with legs folded at two different lengths, so I'd like to know what length you prefer. Ideally, I would have one longer (#5?) and one shorter (#6?). They are:
5. Rich&Skinny high rise straights - these are fairly dressy and the rise is pretty high. I want a finished hem for sure here for dressier effect.
6. Denim of Virtue medium rise straights - more casual and considering leaving the hem raw. Or would you finish it anyway?

Finally, this is a slightly different animal that fits in this post anyway. I have this old black pin-stripe high waist flares that I almost never wear since they require very high feels that my feet tolerate less and less. Since the legs are pretty wide I think they would make good culottes when hacked. Again, showing them folded at two different lengths, but feel free to suggest any other alternative.
7. Rich&Skinny black high rise flares

Many thanks for your assistance!

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