Probably more than I need, but it depends on if I travel during winter. I think I have about 8 or 9 pullovers and maybe 4 cardigans.

Not gonna count as well. I really like a basic cashmere or merino wool v neck sweater. I think I might have just added seven of those this season.

Love the numbers game!
6 cardigans and 7 sweaters here.

12 pullovers, 6 cardis, 4 vest, 1 poncho. The cardis are the most worn thing.

Nope, not going to count. Living in Northern California = wearing some form of knitwear almost every day of the year. I bat for team cardigan in the spring/summer, and pullover in fall/winter.

Funny you ask. Just a couple of hours ago I looked at my "collection" and decided it was time to donate some of my old cashmere sweaters.

16 pullovers, 7 cards, 1 sweater dress I never wear.

I do feel the cold, but it's only a couple of months of the year, and a week or so around the holidays in the Chicago area. This year I bought two acrylic pullovers thinking they'd be easier to wear--I have to layer anything with wool or cashmere because now they make my skin itch. It's ridiculous--I can't make myself do the one-in, one-out rule.

I won't tell you how many pairs of shabby jeans i have. Instead of tossing a pair that fits I have a cupboard in the laundry room where I keep them, just in case. I have donated a lot of stuff.

Furthermore, my quick survey reveals that I have spent less on clothes this year than in the last 5. Part of my problem is the sales mentality. I buy stuff I don't need because it is such a bargain, or maybe I won't get a chance again.

Thanks for the opportunity to take a good look at myself.

4 pullovers and 1 long cardigan

I adore number crunching and do that often on my blog. I currently have 9 pullovers and 2 cardigans for the cold weather. I anticipate receiving another pullover sweater from Santa this year. That brings me up to 12 total for winter.

Gonna guess 50 and call it quits

Not counting. All it takes is one long cold winter and I'm picking up more for variety as I try to keep warm. Almost all of my cardigans are for warm weather to carry for over air conditioning. Almost all my pullovers are for cool/cold weather.

About three shelves full. Plus some turtlenecks and sweater dresses. I should take an inventory of what I have and curate more.

This was a fun post. I would have A LOT more sweaters is I lived in a colder climate. I have to brace myself against buying sweaters as it is. I envy those women that can wear them six months a year.

Interesting question.
I have got 3 cardigans and 9 pullovers that fall under knitwear, and 1 cardigan/jacket and 2 pullovers made of fleece.

I'll be adding some more items to the knitwear collection before this year is over.

I'm late to this thread.

I divide my clothes into the seasons and because S/S (or at least spring and fall) to see me wearing knits, they're a different category.

For F/W I have:

2 stand-alone (i.e. not just a layering, insulating) turtlenecks (need more)

7 fluid pullovers

2 oversize pullovers

2 long cardigans

Total: 13 . I could definitely stand to increase this number since I wear sweaters every day for many months.

For S/S I have:

7 pullovers (cotton)
1 cardigan

I haven't counted, but I have about a week's worth. I want more sweaters, but have had a difficult time finding the colors and styles I like. That said, it's cold now, so I need to buy a few more. I do have some knit moto jackets that serve as cardigans, one cardigan, and a few jackets and blazers. I bought with the idea of layering, and that works well when it's not frigid outside. I've had to bundle up more this week, though. I have my new Uniglo Heat Tech leggings on underneath my pants today; love the way they feel and fit.

These are my bread and butter! Counting
everything: 31 pullovers and 30 cardigans. (Thank you, spreadsheet.)
Some of those cardis aren't really used.

Excluding the ones that function more
like basic tops, in the heavy-duty category I've got: 9 beloved pullovers and
7 cardigans. And I'd really like one more cardigan, warm and thick
and roomy enough to fit over anything else.

I have 5 cardigans (including 1 lightweight summer piece and 2 sweatercoats that I use as outerwear), 15 pullovers of varying weights. I could use more sweaters of both types, but I'm already running low on laundry space for lay-flat sweaters which makes shopping difficult. It's seemingly impossible to find machine-dryable sweaters that are still decent quality (regardless of price, as expensive sweaters tend to ban the dryer) and soft against my sensitive skin.

Two loungewear cardigans; these are nice but homewear-only.
Two cardigans that leave the house; one looks almost like a jacket.
Two merino pullovers; one v-neck, one 1/4-zip. These come out one month/ year.

That seems like more than I usually need.

Plus hoodies for work.