Thanks Rachy, Angela and Denise! I guess I'm no longer a capsule virgin And I think it could prove addictive!

WOW!!! I am blown away by these outfits Diane. The color combination is just incredible on you and every.single.outfit is fantastic. Well done

You could do your whole summer from your closet using this capsule! This is very inspiring. I especially like #2.

Hah. Watch out, Diane. You're having fun with fashion. xo

You look gorgeous, Diane!!!! I love all of them, though... Every time the orange sandals appear, I smile a lot

All Hail Queen Coral!
Simply brilliant, Diane. My faves are 1 and 7 but they all great.

Thank you for the eye candy and inspiration. All good combos, but the coral skirt outfits are my faves. Love you shoe/ sandal collection!

I love the shoes in #3. What brand are they?

Oh, my goodness--these outfits are stellar on you! All of them! Your skirts are beautiful; the quality is evident even in the photos. Fit, style, and fabric are so gorgeous on you.

Can't pick a favorite - well done!

Thanks Shannon! Thanks Joy!

Ha! Yup that's right Angie

Thanks MKK, Sveta, Carla!

Nancywalters, the shoe in #3 is Tamaris. I think it's a German brand?

Thanks FC! The coral skirt is a gorgeous mix of wool, linen and cotton I think. Not sure what the white one is, but there is definitely a bit of viscose and a linen slub.

Thanks ABC!

Diane, you are such an inspiration to get my capsule together! Looks like fun! So well done. (I know...I am a poet. lol)

Yowza! These are all fantastic, what a great job you did creating a fabulous capsule.

Love, love, love them all. This IS your colour scheme.

The coral skirt has wonderful detailing in those folds (is that the correct term?)

The jeans in #10 are perfect! They make me even more eager to replace my now too big old BFs.

Ultra cute! Great job!

I knew you would nail this one! But I didn't know how thoroughly or how well! Love every one of these. This is YOUR palette, and you wear it so beautifully.

Thank you flitteringbutterfly!

Thanks Carole!

Thanks Ornella! Yes, folds or un-pressed pleats

Thanks quietgirl!

Thank you Suz! Yes, I'm claiming this colour scheme as my very own

Such great outfits, Diane! Especially like the coral midi. YLF!

Oh, my goodness! I love the way you have manipulated these items to create so many amazing outfits! Master stroke! I loooove coral, too!

This is brilliant, Diane! I love the color combo a lot How many pieces are in use altogether here? This is an excellent capsule for Summer in Northern Europe. Well done! I can't pick a favorite, and you definitely have inspired me to have a look in my own closet for similar combinations.

Thanks Asingh and Fuzzylogic!

Thanks Ingunn! Here are the numbers:

1 denim jacket

1 blue sweater

2 skirts (coral and white)

2 shorts (white and blue)

2 tees ( monochrome and pale geometric print)

1 pair black trousers

1 pair bf's

4 pairs of shoes

2 belts

1 bag.

I only used the black trousers once and the bf's I could have probably made a couple more outfits with them and if I added the coral tee I mentioned I would have got many more outfits I'm sure. Plus I could probably have managed with one les pair of shoes, but I decided on showing more variety.

Oh, Diane, these are all beautifull! You are a gorgeous seamstress:-)). And, you all shoes/sandals are killer!!! Bag and tops allso very nice and great shape and patterns!

sorry i'm late to the thread but WOW & WOW AGAIN !you look fantastic.i love pic 9 and btw can i ask were you aquired the jacket and bag? i love them both.

ps you so deserve bumpng in myho