In my world necessity is not only the mother of invention, it's pretty much the driver for jeans- (or pants-) shopping.

At heart my proportionately short legs and I are pants-to-the-floor types. I don't even really like skinnies on myself and have owned 2 pair since the trend began a billion years ago. Yet I do have a soft spot for cuffed/rolled pants.


...plus flashbacks to me in turquoise cropped culottes at 16/mid-80s.

But last week I shared photos of me in key pieces of my spring/summer work "uniform" -- tunics and shirtdresses -- knowing my (cough vintage) dark wash bootcuts couldn't carry all the weight for weekend or work-day variations.

I've looked at the inspiration (model) posts. I've read the YLF threads and looked at the lovely member pictures and followed the labs and shoe-related discussions.

Post-shopping*, I confirmed my bias:

I like shortpants to hit at lower spot A or higher spot B. And I like the ability to decide which via a roll or cuff.

  • ankle-length medium blue denim with a non-uniform wash to wear down and cuffed/rolled at A or B
  • black and dark wash skinnies to wear down or cuffed at spot A
  • full-length flares, even though they're also a bit leg enstumpening

I now have 7 pairs of casual pants. DONE

IIRC a few other YLFers are avoiding crops -- will wait to see how lonely we are, ha!

*Thankfully high-rise (10") denim is in again, since amusingly/sadly I still have inches left before they hit my navel.