So...I had an afternoon alone in the big city today on my way home from my mother's, as I had to apply for a travel Visa. (More on that later).

You all know I avoided shopping for 5 months this winter. Bought a few pairs of footwear in March. Ordered a few items in May but most have gone back or never arrived. (Zara, I am looking at you, and I am not happy!!)

Well, I am putting together a travel capsule for a hot, casual city trip with lots of walking. (More on that in another thread soon.)

And I confess, I went a little nuts.

Luckily, I can return any of this in a week when I head back to the city to pick up said Visa. But I have to say it has been fun and most will be super functional. Or would be, if I kept.

Here's what I got. If it absolves me at all, I had a $50 gift card at Loft.

I feel most guilty about the Club Monaco skirt because I am not sure it will get enough wear to justify the price. I am actually tempted to give it to my stepdaughter for her flamenco dance -- wouldn't it be great for that?

The black tank is a basic-with-a-twist that I needed -- pricey but nicely made. Shorter in front.