You are absolved of this sin (in my book anyway). 5 months deprivation sometimes leads to the binge. But I love all your new loot and hope it will serve you well.
The Loft tee is great - does it also remind you of the JCrew tee which was ruined in the wash/ I think the pattern has some Asian vibe to it - and white / blue colors.
I am curious how the dress looks on you - please post pic when you have time. I don;t remember this style of dress on you at all. I wore and liked similar sack dresses in my first couple of years on YLF but then I kind of grew out of them. They began to feel too juvenile for me IYKWIM.
And you can guess what I think about the skirt...that's right, that it would be perfect for my dancing :-0

I've been looking at that swing dress, too--so cool in the heat, and so hard to find except in droopy knits. This all looks very sensible to me!

I love all of it. I am shopping for my Florida vacation which is in January 2016. I love the Ecco sandals. I was eyeing them yesterday. The colours do not work for me but are perfect for you.

And, you didn't post your outfits???? The metallic shoes are awesome, and the clothes, too! I know you don't buy for a waste Suz, it was meant to happen! (perhaps instead all your returned and undelivered spring orders, or so:-))

Looking forward to seeing it on. Most of the pieces seem to be no brainers, but the skirt does give me pause. The arty feel may be exactly right though.

Nice loot Suz! I think you should definitely keep the skirt and get some wear this summer. I love that the gingham is gauzy, what a find eh? You will get a ton of use from it. Love the silver shoes too. Enjoy you spoils.

No need to feel guilty - you made great choices, and honestly, I don't think it's ever wrong to buy things you love and know you will wear. Can't wait to see some pics of everything on.

What does Mr. Suz say about it?

I think these are all brilliant choices for this leg of your style journey Suz and should blend in seamlessly with what already exists in your wardrobe.

You are really selling me on the Ecco brand by the way - I may need to try some on and see how they work for your increasingly fussy feet.

No need to feel guilty -- these are great choices for you.

Having just read your off-topic post, I'm going to be a spanner for you on the skirt, for purely practical reasons: your life is about to get even more casual, and money is going to be even more tight. I think that skirt money could probably get you something you'd love that would really enhance your everyday casual dressing.

Ah, Suz, first the famine then the feast. If some or all of these will work for you, I think you have earned them.

Don't feel guilty. What you take on your trip will get a work out and will be useful later too. We are ECCO sneaker twins! I found them at the Rack and pounced particularly because they are perfect to pack for a trip...comfortable and very light weight and cute. I am one of those women with many more silver/pewter shoes than you have and I'm still looking for low comfortable pumps to replace a pair that's no longer comfortable.