I ordered the OTHER Boden leopard coat because I wanted to see it

BOTH TOPPERS ARE GORGEOUS, and exactly the same fabric and colour. Ignore the differences in the stock photos and my photos. Less than fab light.

My word. Impeccable quality. The workmanship is ridiculously good. The longer coat is a PERFECT fit. No need to adjust the buttons, which I would have had to do on the shorter style. My long arms got lucky with the sleeve length too. Plenty of room in the sleeves for layering, and a tailored shoulder fit on the shoulders. Broad shoulders will find the shoulder fit snug.

I let Greg and Sam choose, and they preferred the longer length, which IS more practical and insulated for my walking-and-not-in-a-car-all-day lifestyle, although I will miss the incredible buttons on the shorter style. A warm topper, but lightweight. A very good weight for my climate - especially when I'm bundled up. Funnel neck is excellent for my long neck. I'm a happy camper.

Popped it over what I'm wearing here, so NOT styled. My new feathered fringe looks bad in this light. Looks better in person, and I'm enjoying it. And what I'm wearing today. Autumn is HERE in Seattle.