Thanks for the kind words kind Mirjana, Firecracker, Style Fan, Celia and Chris. You are lovely.

Cardiff Girl, happy to have a little more warm weather before the cold

Smittie, YES. The short style is super cute.

Anchie, cold weather will be with you soon enough. Enjoy. Maybe we'll be coat twins.

Jenn, the two toppers are EXACTLY the same fabric. Warm and lightweight. Too warm for your CA setting I suspect.

Mtnsofthemoon, I suspect the shorter style will work well for you.

Ooh, long leopard coat plus bootcuts sound like 70s retro fabness!

Oh my! Perfect! I love the longer leopard and with your light blue.....ultra fab!

lovely! the longer style is very elegant and Im always a fan of the crossbody, and in blue even better!
good to know the coat is warm--I was thinking it might be a possibility in the shorter style for me as a blazer-indoor wear option, but I think it would be too warm for me.

Love photo #3 Icon la madonna Angie!

Wow! I love the coat with the blue. It is really stunning. Although I was in love with the jacket, I definitely see why this length makes more sense for you and it looks incredible on. I also absolutely love your white/cognac/floral outfit. Inspirational. Your skin and eyes are glowing with health and happiness!

Wow! The light blue pops so beautifully. Love the two brown tones together in the leopard. And the shoes! I miss your outfit posts!

Ooh! Loving that leopard! The longer jacket is just more leopard to love...

Late to this, but that coat is perfect on you! Great choice.

That is a beautiful coat! Love it.

Oh my, what a gorgeous coat! Love it styled with your pale blue.

Thank you, sweet ladies. You are all sooooo nice.

La Ped, the bootcuts arrived, and they have potential

Boden strikes again! Fabulous coat, and timeliess looking, IMO.

I did not think you could improve on the shorter Boden coat, but this is wonderful on you. I especially like the funnel neck. Like Lisa P I am wowed by your new scarf and bag - so perfect with the leopard print.

Swooning over the baby blue Furla. I need time to absorb that fabness before I can consider the additional fabness of the coat ...