So, in my recent post, I shared my new interest in the orangey-red we're seeing everywhere -- a color I call Poppy. Folks, it is bright and warm, although it's hard to describe. In some lights, you will see a warm bright pink -- kind of a watermelon or salmon. (I'm getting hungry).

Here's the jacket (which came home with me). And here's the question: Warm, bright tones bring out the golden tones in my skin. Is this a good thing, or a "how's your liver function" sort of thing?

Also, a bright jacket is a bright impact -- my other choice is to keep this color for accessories, or tops layered under jackets only. I do have denim, navy, cobalt, chambray and black jackets. Does this color, in a jacket, make an impact in a good way, or would you rather see it on me in small doses? We all have different tolerances for color, I'm really seeking your input on what seems to be work for me -- based upon what you see here or know of my style. No worries about offending -- first impressions are valuable, and diverse opinions welcome!

I've posted pics of what I was wearing that day for comparison. The sweater is a raisin color, and the coat, of course, is my favorite blue. I'm wearing my new bootcut jeans -- which I adore. I do think the camera angle is making my legs look teeny. Mixed feelings about that!

I plan on wearing this jacket with navy, denim, white, chambray. For the record, I can button it, although it's sort of swinging away in the photos

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