OK, so obviously I have totally different coloring than you, but... I find this color much easier for me to wear in the summer, when I have a bit of tan. Then the additional warmth enhances the tan, whereas in winter, I look a bit more sickly. So, I wonder if that could be true for you too. Of course if you don't ever get tan, then it's a moot point.

Otherwise, I agree with Angie that a true BRIGHT tomato red would be better.

No, not changing the skin color but I definitely changed my color palette when I went with dark hair: I can handle more contrast and brighter colors now much better than when my hair was medium brown.
I still caution you about BRIGHT tomato red though although tomato red may be a good color for you in general. I find that very bright colors wash me out - neons are not for me. But tone it down a bit and I am in business!

Beth Ann, I am glad you made the decision you did. I think you *can* wear that colour but it is not your best and you will look much better in the true poppy. But I also agree with Sveta about intensity levels.

BTW, you look absolutely amazing in the shell and in the bootcuts and can't wait to see the cropped flares on you.

You look beautiful and those jeans are quite awesome on you.

I actually kind of like the dark coral color on you (are you wearing blush? The color is working well with your cheekbones either way). Are you a dark autumn? I agree with what Vix says about your coloring naturally working with brights/jewels, but dark coral is one of those colors that works pretty broadly as it balances warm and cool.

I agree with Angie and Sveta that it might be about finding the right intensity and saturation and a poppy (darker, redder, brighter than coral) or a tomato orange red (darker than neon-y poppy, closer to a lipstick red) might work better than salmon, but you'd need to test to see. Banana Republic Factory has a ton of true poppy in jackets, tops and pants right now.

As a lover of bright colours I love it in principle... but think the brighter colour Angie suggests is a better option!