I decided to accept Runcarla’s color challenge. I may run into footwear problems later in the week due to weather/comfort. I decided my brown boots (ETA - apologies, I didn't mean the ones I'm  wearing) won’t count against me since it’s the only item I have in that color, though.

Day 1- Here I am today-the jeans are olive, in case it’s too hard to tell

Day 2 - I had a snow day yesterday and stayed home in lounge clothes so I didn’t count it. The shoes I’m wearing today are a cheat - I keep them at the office since I can’t walk outside in flats right now. I did wear black waterproof boots outside (my current outerwear is dark,for that matter). Anyway, this version of the outfit meets the challenge.

Day 3 - Valentine’s Day. We don’t do anything outside the home the evening of VD, so just a work outfit. The Scottie dog sweater is a bit itchy, and I keep forgetting that fact between very infrequent wears, so this is likely its last outing Also, I've grown to find this shade of light grey unsophisticated or something. I've mostly banished it fro my wardrobe. Not that one should expect a Scottie dog sweater to be super sophisticated...

Day 4 - I took inspiration from Angie’s post about bright bottoms today. This pairs well with a new striped sweater
by Halogen. I was also able to bring out these suede booties since my footwear options are more flexible these days. It’s also going to be mild today, in the 50’s.

PS - I may try wearing my glasses out today. They are such a strong prescription that they usually make my head ache but I may try to acclimate myself to it gradually. Would be nice to have it as an option for a look. One of the lenses needs an updated prescription though, so I don’t know how far I’ll get. But this is how they look.

What I’ve learned from this challenge is that while I could go on making outfits with sweaters and bottoms, doing anything else would be tricky. Not all of my toppers are dark neutrals, but I do have problems withtoppers layering under coats this time of year. I had plenty of skirts and dresses that would fit the challenge, but this time of year all I really want to wear with them are black tights. Also, I had to cheat a bit this week to get by on the footwear since most of my footwear for midwinter is dark. That makes sense though!

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