Super cute Scottie dog sweater with the metallic shoes! Perfect for Valentine’s Day. We don’t go out on v-day either, it’s the worst day ever to go out.

Outfit #3 is ADORABLE.

Alicewonderland - YES! I have friends who call St. Patrick's Day "amateur night." I feel VD is that for couples. We have a tradition of having cheese fondue, and it's cheaper and just as yummy for us to do it at home.

What a great Scottie sweater! It’s a pity that it is itchy. Your outfit is really nice.

Thank you Angie and Katerina. It’s too bad Scotty had to retire. I can’t tolerate the itch any more. I guess it’s possible to keep it for Valentine’s Day, but really it’s just taking up space...

Anyway last outfit! I may do this on Monday since I was cheated of a day, but I’ll just put that into my next WIW.

Another fab sweater! You make me want to go shopping for some fabulous knitwear. You look great as always!

I love seeing all your outfits and I am sad that the Scottie sweater is itchy, but that would make me never wear it either. There is nothing worse than feeling itchy.

I wonder if you need to get your glasses prescription checked, as you should not be getting headaches from wearing your glasses. I thought it was supposed to work the other way around. Your frames are lovely and look great on your face, so I hope your optometrist can sort the prescription out for you.

Thanks Katerina! The sweater variety keeps me sane all winter.

Bijou, I believe the problem is that my distance vision is so poor. The glasses are fine for use inside. The worse one’s distance vision is, the harder is it for glasses to correct. The contacts are much better for that. That said, the prescription does need updating on one side. I’ve always had this problem with glasses as an adult, and I’ve been nearsighted basically since birth and getting worse each year.

Fun sweaters and great shoes! Very successful outfit formula. Casual yet polished is my favorite.

Yes the topper layering thing is definitely a challenge. I decided when I buy my next coat to size up to be sure I can layer under!
Poor little itchy scottie

Thanks Christie! I'm glad I seem polished.

suntiger, my most recent coat works! This is probably because it's a topcoat. It will layer over a blazer, though barely. I tried it today but decided the weather was too warm.

All are very nice. Of course, the Scottie sweater is best, too bad it’s itchy.

Super cute week, and you nailed the challenge. Nicely done.

A fabulous week! Love the last outfit the best I think.

You looked fab all week! Bummer about the grey sweater. Your new specs are really cute! Are they red??

Thanks everyone! It was a good week. Eschewing black and navy made things a little more fun.

nemosmom, the specs are red. They’re not new though. I just usually wear them at home only because I see at a distance better in my contacts. I did wear them yesterday and they weren’t too bad. I know the prescription on one of the eyes is outdated though.

ChristinaF, I LOVE that last pic of you in your striped sweater and red specs! Thanks so much for participating in the CC challenge.

I think I like the cream sweater best, then red. But they're all great! Scottie is so cute I am sorry you get itchy I think outfit 1 looks sophisticated!

The scottie sweater is super cute! Shame it's itchy, and I completely agree with you about heather grey. I always feel like I'm wearing a Hanes sweatshirt if I wear a heather grey top. Charcoal is a better option, I find.

That rainbow-striped Halogen top is great. I'm trying not to add any more boat-necks, or I'd be tempted...