Hello Fabbers-
As I work to build my skirts/dresses capsule, I find I am feeling frumpy! The frumpiness results from wearing coats and midi- or below-the-knee -length skirts. My puffer and pea coat are not long enough to cover the skirt.

With above-the-knee skirts, this is not a problem. The coats still don’t cover the skirt entirely, but most of it. The skirts are also a-line, which follow the a-line of the coat and create a streamlined look.

I am wondering if the frumpiness is in my head or whether I need a longer coat.

The issue with a longer coat is that it might get dirty with road slush residue.

Maybe I need a less sporty puffer?

Maybe a swing coat?

My other option is to forego midis for winter and stick to above-the-knee. This seems entirely reasonable, but I do like the more in-style midi length.

Thanks and happy new year!