This subject is exactly what I've been trying to find a solution on this winter, thanks for posting it! To me, everything that's warm enough in my wardrobe looks frumpy with my midi dress. But as I want to wear the dress outside of the house too, I've given in and just put something on. I have a slightly oversized and very cosy fake fur, that is longer than knee-length but still not as long as the dress. Both the fur and the dress are of the same colour, but the patterns and hues differ. To my surprise, I've got compliments from strangers every single time I've used this combination. I have no idea why, as I still think it looks frumpy and out of proportion, but if it's good enough for other people, who am I to judge? I'll stick to to my fake fur.

Hey maybe thats the solution-same color coat

Lena, sounds to me like you're doing unintentional tonal matching or color compliments. Some of us work at that and here you are, doing it beautifully without even trying!

It is tricky - I think coats for midis need are ideally longer (almost to the knee) or shorter (hip length). My coats are mostly mid thigh so I have this problem too.

In saying that I suspect you look fantastic and not frumpy at all!!

I agree with Sally. If you are doing a longer coat then I think a bit of waist definition (either a belt or just some shaping), will look flattering. I actually don’t mind the look of the skirt peeking out from under the coat, as long as the colours of the coat and the skirt play well together.

I just tried on this coat while I was out making returns at Nordstrom. And, um, it might have come home with me. OK, OK, it did come home with me. Something like this would be a great length and a modern classic over a midi dress or skirt, IMHO. It’s a little longer on me than on the model — I like that it’s streamlined and classic but modern feeling.

That’s a great coat , Janet , and what a good price too .

Janet, very nice! You know I love the color. It also gives me courage to say what I've been thinking on this thread; I don't think waist definition matters here. Your new coat is a great example of a swoosh of color that looks sleek and lovely, without the complication of a waist.

I am having this exact problem! With the midi or maxi skirt, plus too-short coat and then all the scarf/hat etc, I somehow feel like I am wearing a burqa. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not my target look. I would love to get a longer coat as it would also solve the long-cardigan-coverage issue....but not sure if I want it enough to squeeze it into the budget.

Thank you for reassuring me I am not alone in midi frumpitude!

Lisa, the price — and the fact that there was exactly one of these in stock, and it was my size — pushed me over the edge into taking it home. I was in workout gear about to take a Peloton test ride so I wasn’t fully trusting what I saw in the mirror, but I think it fits me nicely. And when I went to check out, I had a $30 Nordstrom Note waiting for me to use, so a nice coat for $90 is a darn good deal. I’ll take pics and do a new post later today. Sorry to threadjack!

Nice shopping Janet. Looks good. For myself, I prefer straight coats to belted ones, so you and Fashintern have given me some hope that something straight might work.

Gail, those coats look great. I am now all over the Reiss site.

Lena- faux fur is another great idea. Maybe in a fun colour? My lifestyle is pretty casual, despite being in the city.

Sal and Brooklyn - thanks for the tips! Waving to my friends in the South.

Jessikams- nodding along with you about the utility of a long coat for long cardigan wear.

I will need to think about whether I can deal with a long wool coat. I’m on the fence about a long-line puffer. That is a lot of puff!

All puffers are not created equal! Some are really puffy, some heavy, and some like my long one are magically lightweight and not too puffy, yet warm enough, which is great for keeping a streamlined silhouette and not looking like the Michelin Man. It actually packs down into a pouch! If you go the puffy route, I would look for something like that. It’s probably not the absolute warmest for arctic cold, but I found it perfectly comfortable for hours of walking around European cities in the winter, layered over a top and a sweater. It’s also great that when you take it off and need to hang it up or throw it over a chair back, you don’t have to be so precious about it, like you may feel with a wool coat.

Smittie, if you try that M Dutti, please post pictures. I'm well covered for my winter outerwear, so pix from someone here are as close as I'm likely to get to that one, much as I love it and the color, lol.

Janet, that coat is a beautiful color!

Smittie, I'm with you on longline puffer hesitation. Part of me feels it leans gear-ish, and not as fashion-y as *I* want with a dress. That's my personal hangup, though...