I did my closet review early this week and Friday off last week. It was an eye opening jolt into my wardrobe - and my life.

First, the numbers - which are a bit mortifying, but I am recording them in the spirit of honesty and accountability.

Workout and lounge clothes :
Started with : 101!!
Donated : 57
Final number : 44
Most of these were old (pre or during babies) and too big now

Started with : 116. YES. 116. Mortified.
89 of these were old (3+ yrs, many 6-10 yrs old)
62 were multiples. Ack.
Many, again, we're post baby when I was a bigger size. I had held on to some old (6-10 yrs) basics from pre babies that now fits and will be in rotation.
Gave away: 35
Holding : 12, in case I am a bigger size again
Final (incl holds): 93. I can't even.

Started with : 68
Give away : 17
Store for summer : 13
Hold (bigger size): 7
Final (incl holds) : 51

Blazers and leather jackets:
Started with : 41
Donate : 7
Store for summer : 8
final : 34

Dresses :
Total : 10
Gave away : 3
Final : 7

Pants :
Total : 13
Give away : 4

Skirts :
Total : 35
Give away : 9
Hold (bigger size) : 9
Final number : 26

Jeans and casual pants didn't need pruning (I have about 10 pairs).

Wow. Okay, now that I have admitted it here publicly, let me share what I have learned :

I'll be honest. Part of me always thought I was 'above' this wardrobe review thing. I don't need to review my clothes ; I love my wardrobe. I don't need to have outfit creation sessions; I don't have time due that nonsense and besides, I am creative in the fly and can come up with combinations. Etc etc. I WAS SO WRONG. Having 116 Sweaters and 5 workable pants makes you question your life choices . I need to be more analytical about my closet so that:
- I know what I have and am wearing it all
- I know what my gaps are and what I don't need (Sweaters)
- I don't split wears
- I buy more mindfully (big one)

Also: I find it very hard to part with clothes, which is why a large portion of my wardrobe is 5+ years old. Part of this served me well as I have gone down 2 sizes and had basics to fall back on. I don't think that I look dated or that I need to update ( I mix in newer things) but I do have an attachment to clothes and have a hard time letting them go. Yet I but then on impulse. Buying easily + not letting go = a bursting and not happy closet. I need to buy more mindfully and not just 'stop in' or browse online if I plan on holding onto my clothes.

On top of this : I have spent the last few days thinking about my relationship to clothes and my mother's impact on that (she worked in the fashion industry and saves everything), my need to shop and how it feeds into my fear of scarcity, and how I need to cultivate mindfulness in this and other areas of my life.

Generally, I feel like I have my shit together. I balance a challenging and ambitious career with two kids, my marriage, a large network of friends and outside interests. I eat well. I exercise hard and meditate every day. But I have clearly not gotten a grasp on this area of my life and have been in denial. Time to get moving.

More naval-gazing posts to follow ; consider yourself warned.

Pics: 1 &2 Sweaters before purging - final is pile to donate.

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