It is finally warm enough that I feel like wearing sneakers. I have three new ones this year that have white soles. I'm discovering as I wear them that the SOLES need to be cleaned every time I wear them out of the house. The black Vionics are particularly prone to this. They seem to soak up dirt. The back bottom edge of the sneaker on my driving foot is particularly bad. The only way I can get them clean is to dilute some liquid dish soap in water and scrub with a nail brush. OxyClean would probably work too but haven't tried it yet. The bottom of the sole NEVER get completely clean but the sides do and that's good enough for me. Using a cleaning wipe or a cloth with water on it or a magic eraser does NOT clean them. The uppers are not so much of an issue - the don't get nearly as dirty.

I reviewed this great post from two years ago with all kinds of suggestions ... .... but nothing specifically addresses the soles, at least not that I can see.

I'm not happy about having to clean shoes after each and every wearing :-). It only takes a few minutes ... but what a PITA!

Has anyone found a way to manage this? Does waterproofing spray make a difference on the SOLES?

TIA for any and all suggestions.

I may be swearing off white soled shoes ....