Hi! I'm finally coming out of my lurking, so I thought I'd ask a question about my body type. I'm a rectangular shaped or H-shaped body type, but I feel that I am a special case because of my lumpy midsection. I need some help dressing my body - I've been feeling terribly unattractive as of late, and rather than "giving up", I would really like to take back my power and feel sexy again.

So here are the details about my body type:
- An inch difference between my bust and hips (smaller measurement).
- 5 inch difference between my waist and hips.
- Bust is a 32DD - unsure if this is considered a "larger size". I was professionally fitted.
- very short-waisted
- rounded midsection. Very lumpy. Protrudes slightly on side view and belly fat spills out with ANY pair of pants or skirt I wear (which is why I've given up on separates). For a long time, I thought I was an apple-shaped because of this but I have a very gentle waist curve.
- long, slim limbs. Shapely legs - possibly the best part of me along with the cute face

I tried certain garments that supposedly work on rectangular shapes - but didn't for me:
- Empire waist with gathers under the bust makes me look 5 months pregnant.
- Pants/skirts cut me in half due to massive spillage on my midsection.
- Dolman sleeve tops and boxy flowy tops make my torso look humungous.

I've resorted to wearing only dresses these days but it's TOUGH finding dresses without waistlines on the natural waist or empire waists that don't have pleating/gathering under the bust.

Anyone else have ideas of what I can wear?

Thanks SOOOO much!